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Popular dreams - November 2017 dreams
Maura Murray White Mountain National Park at Roadside Park, ties.278 views
Powerball Lottery pattern for December? 2017.221 views
This is about the company that manufactures the Patriot missile system, Raytheon, 23 contractors are beheaded on live TV in Saudi Arabia. 42 people are arrested in the United States and Company is shut down. Arrests include three senators.187 views
Super-moon quake 72 hours after peek, numbers and stuff.180 views
Carleton Bowekaty killed by fire 9073603423 hope Kevin Alfred Strom, torture rack moab hunger?166 views
37' 55 south 53 55 36 west still alive using batteries to make air and fresh water. This is about the missing ARA San Juan submarine and it's important to note I think they are still alive and at this location, please see of other 4 dreams fro165 views
5 years are almost up, shopping carts around the world are about to catch fire. A new wifi frequency and the wrong batteries will start a wave of death an destruction of the world has never seen. Well...actually its just the shopping carts with locking.165 views
December 4th guessing this year, 35-5-10-38 31-14 16 seaside, lottery. 165 views
Muhammadu Buhari killed in a fire, the body was covered in melted tires.164 views
Second Washington Post reporter killed.164 views
Not sure but it was a wonderful dream, was not about death which ironically is always wonderful.164 views
Dan Scavino indictment shocks White House, family kidnapped 33 days after house arrest, numbers.164 views
Red and blue boat Russia GPS spoofing, crash, yellow sea, foreign letters December 2017.164 views
877 221-0200 arrested made Russian front company fox news, new name and number (censored, login to view)164 views
A new species of jellyfish discovered in the Marianas Trench helps create a new type of rubber for a new "Safe Tire" that works sort of like mixing water with cornstarch. The mixture is hard when in motion and relaxes when it's not.164 views
211 days after Donald Trump praises CNN's Anderson Cooper on Twitter, he dies in a crash (see past dd's on this one)164 views
This is the person responsible for a horrible school bus accident.163 views
@10_gop owner killed in predawn raid, not Russia, numbers and an address (real and verified)128 views
Meteor-M 2-1 Russia secret laser weapon fails, explodes.128 views
Bombay National Wildlife Refuge sudden earthquake releases tons of gold in springs? numbers and stuff...no quake but this is another gold location DD and to save time I did the hard work, this the location of the stream with gold, seems to be state.128 views
Woman found behind Saline Sheriffs, 911 man hair is changed lontan cuj?128 views
The sky is on fire, lord help us, a massive fire on December 10th of 2017, the phone number is of the three men who started it.127 views
441 west lake high school Maryland gas in? cut on purpose ???110 views
Jhoge555 killed in car accident.106 views
Pretty sure these are Hebrew numbers.106 views
Slow down as we get older time seems to 'fly by' the opposite is true and I will show you how to 'get well again'.104 views
Upcoming child killer.104 views
Just because you think people that believe in God are stupid, it doesn't mean you?101 views
37° 55 '15 South 53° 55' 36 West, pressure weld TR1700 oipnn7? (this is a grid location 37°55′13S 53°55'36W of a pending earthquake and that's all I know, if grid is correct could also produce a tsunami)87 views
Mariah Woods, power box, (606) 298-7484 421-1137115 poles in the ground.87 views
I know this sounds silly and my belief in GOD is gone after the death of my sister...BUT THIS TIME ONLY...I going to share a private dream with you. As of 11.12.17 not a single lottery in the world has results even close to these numbers...and I told you71 views
Euro jackpot December 22nd, 2017 13 23 44 45 6 7 8 (bonus numbers are 6 and 7)57 views
Trump is Jesus, DOG and three crosses (during the past 10 years or so the word DOG and three small crosses have been in about 25% of all my dream drawings, doubt this? look for yourself, some hard see, but it's there, not sure why, but its there)54 views
Photo shows boat location, Jennifer Appel? arrested for fraud Nov 21? 2017, grid location, numbers53 views
Starting next week North Korea's bio unit 831 will begin spreading and new strain of Bubonic plague around the world, people from airports will start getting flu like symptoms first (like the Army of the 12 monkeys) Kim Jon Un is currently recoveri51 views
Antonio Guterres comments? land him at the bottom of the river.51 views
North Korea missile launch fails on November 22nd, 2017, this is important because the failure will release radioactive material.51 views
Basement, wood crate, chair covers by wood, missing paint just 10 miles from the person searching for it, (212) 685-0008 (real number in NYC)50 views
Cause of the upcoming firestorm in the Philippines.49 views
If you're reading this and from December 8th to the 28th 2017 you see this, trust your dreams as they have been trying to reach you for some time now. It has nothing to do with this event, it's something totally different that will not happen.49 views
Dario Benedetto May 17th, 1990 to December 25th, 2017, suicide, reported proving he did hang himself.48 views
School shooter Nicholas O'Connor.48 views
Symbol, Trump death. 48 views
I'm pretty certain this is about Argentina's missing submarine DD states that they are using electrolysis to separate oxygen and hydrogen burning the hydrogen and so I believe the crew is still alive the number seems to show the same location.48 views
Russia, us cover up the explosion, look for nails? had pizza? olive pizza 03-6577776, Korean letters, more numbers.48 views
Upcoming bombing in London and some of the people that work for the department will be responsible three of them there's Royal Mail and that phone number.47 views
Singapore terrorist attack this is the device that will be used and similar to an attack it will happen in January 2018 location on all terrorism-related dream.47 views
Frants Klintsevich murder for accidentally leaking secrets to the west, new type of A strep scarlet fever, biological weapons shield of Russia, test in UK milk supply after pasteurization, London, rash is worse, pusachia, numbers, Soth Korea, North Korea.47 views
This is a break apart train derailer and is again responsible for a massive train crash ad oil spill (USA)46 views
North Korea DPRK will launch several missiles on the 28th and 29th 2017 some of it all by other countries defense launch detectors this is due to Russia's involvement with EMP fields and GPS spoofing launch signatures will be different and the USA.46 views
Box is on fire phone numbers everywhere I see their containers that are on fire big giant boxes they are red blue black pink.46 views
Elizabeth Warren was killed, December protest and autopsy reports confirm murder, ruled as a hate crime.46 views
Taegyedo Tideland Reclamation Project used for first above-ground nuclear test by North Korea on December 25th, 2017 at 13:33 local time, 2.3 megatons? 46 views
I killed a fish and a rabbit, I cut the head off the fish and sewed if onto the rabbit...it came to live. I beat it with a hammer over and over again until I was sure it was dead. I put the fish-rabbit in a plastic page and froze it. 46 views
Casper the friendly KKK Ghost, JK no clue. 46 views
Church of Scientology Mission paid man to start fire 518 235-5000 (real number) went to Voorheesville (not a real place) (censored, the same dd as March of this year) 46 views
She was too young to die, woman's death in December 2017, think it says the 27th (censored)46 views
My teeth are falling out as I'm falling to the ground, someone pushes me out the window of the Empire State Building.46 views
Call +1 514-227-5000 December 2017 ?2018 Canada copycat terrorist attack kills 182, this is terrorism-related and WILL NOT HAPPEN, but just in case visit my terrorism section of this site. (FYI 182 people would make it the largest single terrorist attac45 views
Devil Jesus.45 views
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