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Most viewed dreams - September
30 Sept 2021 4 These are winning lottery numbers for October, these are from lucid dreams this morning, not for a night dream which is usually more accurate. Look at the patterns here - so many 6's (they are all one sheet this time)29 views today
30 Sept 2021 2 The person you are going to dream about tonight wants to see you for real - this is why YOU will have this dream tonight - this is for you...the person reading this now...29 views today
29 Sept 2021 1 Gabby Petito still had this in her pocket - Brian is here - look again? not what they think - Brian Laundrie located - breaking bad tv show? did go to burning man 2021 - Kylen Schulte and Ellenorah Ethe remains located outside dougway...12 views today
30 Sept 2021 1 Chet Hardwood - the accident was caused by her - numbers - 8 days after arrest...12 views today
30 Sept 2021 8 Brian Laundrie will be at this location on October 2nd 2021 and should be located then, here is the exact location he will be found next month...10 views today
30 Sept 2021 9 END OF DAYS - imposter messiah - Edgar Cayce - 666 -Trump 2024...10 views today
27 Sept 2021 9 Lights in the sky (same as another dream from last night...Aliens I think) numbers - maybe lottery or a phone number...10 views today
All dreams from September 2021 by Psychic Brian Ladd - text only9 views today
25 Sept 2021 4 Brian Laundrie, this is her and she made him do it - tried to make her fall - space blanket missing from first aid kit - letters - maybe initials...8 views today
28 Sept 2021 1 Not sure who this is...8 views today
29 Sept 2021 2 An awful train accident - numbers...8 views today
20 Sept 2021 8 2 2 3 2 5 3 6 1 6 Cayce - Winning USA Powerball numbers for October 2021...7 views today
28 Sept 2021 4 7 more days...7 views today
30 Sept 2021 7 Egmont Key Lighthouse - numbers - Brian Laundrie - camera ip - this is the camera in question and this is where Brian will be tomorrow...7 views today
30 Sept 2021 5 During the next 16 days, the world will experience several earthquakes in the areas that do not usually have earthquakes...7 views today
30 Sept 2021 10 Brian Laundrie found - numbers - not sure who this person is nor how the space blanket can be used as a raft, I'm familiar with waterproofing in the Army but we used BDU's7 views today
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