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9 Oct 2021 9 GOD = DOG 2813564756 Brian Jesus is real Cayce - more numbers - love v- cr - missing - tears - John 3:16 (I don't believe in Jesus and I'm not sure why I have so many Christan type dreams, Cayce is Edgar Cayce and that's all261 views today
9 Oct 2021 6 October 15th breaking news...255 views today
9 Oct 2021 4 Numbers - number 4 is the first? more numbers - not sure who this is...226 views today
9 Oct 2021 1 Brian Laudire swimming from the Lighthouse island...tommorow137 views today
9 Oct 2021 2 usa lottery numbers...129 views today
11 Oct 2021 1 Luke 21:25 wave hits the US coast on December 21 at 1:06 AM numbers (not sure what time zone, this is about the La Palma mega tsunami in a few days an earthquake will loosen the landmass that will slide into the ocean on December 21st...123 views today
9 Oct 2021 5 Missing child Summer Wells is located safe! breaking news - numbers ...110 views today
14233 28 December 2020 5 - Luke 21:25 Joker 1441 1.7 million die quake on October tenth, 2021 at 28.5 north 17.8 west triggers the La Palma Mega Tsunami that hits the east coast of USA on December 21st, 2021 (same dream as Jan 2020)108 views today
9 Oct 2021 3 Naalehu - unexpected volcanic eruption reaches Hawaii, the death toll is horrific - 32 days after the ground shakes...106 views today
9 Oct 2021 7 Something about an explosion in Canada...105 views today
7 Oct 2021 5 North Port Police find the body of Brian Laudire with the help of Lyssa Chapman lighthouse (says body and does not seem to match any past dreams)98 views today
9 Oct 2021 8 Barrels and boxes, toxic smoke, warehouse fire...98 views today
October 15th 17684 I can see Brians face...98 views today
11 Oct 2021 2 6 more days...92 views today
Brian Laundrie found89 views today
11 Oct 2021 4 21 days, numbers, Edgar Cayce not sure...88 views today
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