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6681 17 June 2015 4 - This Is Several Requests That I Combined on 2 Dream Sheets, Lottery Numbers (Surprise, Surprise) f...3 views today
6687 19 June 2015 2 - Richard Matt and David Sweat Case, Exact Location (They Are Underground in the Shelter Drawn in th...3 views today
6703 28 June 2015 2 - More Details of the Fire on June 30th, 2015 (See Dd Just Before This One)...3 views today
6741 25 July 2015 4 - Lot 613428 Sam's Club E.coli Vegetables Taylor Farms Vegetable M?...3 views today
Plane Crash In The Uk Involving The Bin Laden Family And The Cia Dream Prediction Happed Just 1 Week Later All Numbers M...3 views today
Orginial Dds From July 2015 Video Review 3 - Original Dd's From July 2015 Video Review, More Details at : http://g...3 views today
6812 22 August 2015 1 - Notes From God (Really) but Not for Me, Again I Felt Like I Was a Court Stenographer Taking Note...3 views today
6824 29 August 2015 1 - The Earthquake Tomorrow Will Be Helpful in a Way We Will Not Understand just Checked 9:43 Pm Est...3 views today
6858 6 September 3 - Fire a Duva Duva H.c. Viva Apartments Back Room, Kathern (the Person That Started the Fire, Kathern...3 views today
6867 8 September 3 - Disney Stop This, Quail Run Dog Park ??...3 views today
6872 10 September 2 - Same Things as the Past Few Nights, Pay Attention to the Numbers of 9's and 1's in the 2...3 views today
6893 15 September 3 - I Know When the Rapture Will Happen (Great so When?)...3 views today
6914 24 September 2 - Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall, Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall, Brad Johnson Killed Kim (Brad Johnson...3 views today
6921 28 September 2 - This Is the Same Dream...3 views today
Oregon Shooting 6784 13 August 2015 1 - Oregon Shooting 13 Aug 2015 1 Dream by Brian Ladd, Psychic Dreamer. For more ...3 views today
Christopher Sean Harper Mercer From August 12Th 2015 Umpqua Community College - I'm Certain This Dd and the One&#...3 views today
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