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5 Oct 2021 8 These objects are bad and they are not here to help mankind...45 views today
8 Oct 2021 5 Numbers, no memory of this...45 views today
This is the storm shelter/bomb shelter that was installed at the same time the pool was dug the number of this dd and several past dreams is the same and it seems to be the phone number of an 'underground bunker' manufacturer. 44 views today
8 Oct 2021 3 An accident, no memory of this...44 views today
8 Oct 2021 2 An awful event is about to happen, something to do with tree trimming and high voltage powerline...a preventable accident...44 views today
10 Oct 2021 4 Police have Brian Laudire's phone - accidentally deleted information - FBI cannot recover the file? 44 views today
6 Oct 2021 5 Help...43 views today
6 Oct 2021 3 Circles and numbers...42 views today
8 Oct 2021 1 The weight of an electron is always the same, this is because there is only one electron in the universe just like there is only one god. The human brain is getting ready to realize that God is everywhere - too much math is making something.42 views today
I taught my cat to roll over...40 views today
5 Oct 2021 4 Mindcraft - numbers - Jesus heals Tibmber - views of Jesus? (too many dreams about Jesus, for someone I don't believe in, sure having a lot of these dreams)39 views today
6 Oct 2021 8 Brian Laundries current location on 10-6-21 I can still see the lighthouse this is where he has been for some time he is under here - see map...39 views today
Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer page 54 he only had 2 books ploce have the 3rd - numbers - the lighthouse hiding in plain site area x is the lighthouse - look at the pages this is where Brian Laundrie is and has always been Martin Jarrie lighthouse I ca39 views today
4 Oct 2021 1 December 24th winning USA MegaMillions lottery numbers from Jesus? numbers are 8 29 13 18 28 and the bonus is 18 - If you win, suggest some of your winnings go to a church of your choosing even if you don't believe in Jesus, like me.38 views today
3 Oct 2021 11 Brian - numbers - maybe lottery numbers...38 views today
8 Oct 2021 6 Jared Isaacman killed in upcoming SpaceX accident - numbers - the pressure in tank 73 is wrong - he had the dream - 2nd attempt? 38 views today
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