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Summer Wells Found This Is Him No Accident Numbers - Summer Wells found - this is him - no accident - numbers https://b...642 views today
Verruckt Caleb Schwab Schlitterbahn Water Park Accident 5689 June 10 2014 2 - Waterslide Accident Dream From June Of 201...640 views today
Summer Wells Found Shoes Her Shoes Will Be Used In Court To Prove This Is Not An Accident Don Did Not Do This Remains Fo...638 views today
Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting Jonathan - Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting Jan Jonathan...636 views today
Lauren Dumolo Missing Woman S Exact Location Found No Address Returned Mail Off Cape Coral Bridge Cement Bricks 13305 ...636 views today
Summer Wells Mother Arrested For Murder Cant Breathe Other Bad Things Look Again - Summer Wells mother arrested for mur...631 views today
Map Dousing For Matt Thoke Is Included No Fight This Was Planned Goto Bearclaw High Numbers Bottle Already Found - Map ...629 views today
Summer Wells Located Going To Take Another In July Washing Hands Numbers - Summer Wells located - going to take another...627 views today
4852 Kyron Horman - Planning This For Years, A Tunnel Near School Hidden Entrance, Duck Hunting, Isc, Kyron Was Lost, Th...624 views today
This earthquake prediction from a few weeks ago seems to be coming true...time will tell. DANGER - WARNING624 views today
Unexplained Time Travel Photo Forks Bridge In Gold Bridge Canada - Unexplained Time Travel Photo Forks Bridge in Gold Br...622 views today
Karlie Guse Missing 11450 14 December 2018 1 - Karlie Guse Missing Teen, Something Is Not Right? Love?? They Know Where...622 views today
Missing Woman Alissa Turney Found According To This Dream Her Body Is In This Exact Location In Pine Az - Missing Woman ...622 views today
Missing Woman Kandi Green Gonzalez Located She Told Him She Was Going To The Police There Is A Photo On The Other Phone ...621 views today
Natalee Holloway Linked Would Be Kidnapper John Christopher Ludwick 10103 10 March 2018 4 28129 - Natalee Holloway Linke...620 views today
Danielle Imbo And Richard Petrone Jr Missing Case Solved - Danielle Imbo And Richard Petrone Jr. Missing Case Solved? He...618 views today
Kelsey Berreth Missing Woman Found 11388 30 November 2018 5 - Kelsey Berreth Ford F150, Numbers, Pretty Sure This Is Rel...616 views today
Maura Murray Remains Found At The White Mountain National Park Park By The Roadside Wood Pond Wood Lake New Hampshire 2 ...614 views today
Murder Of Abigail Williams And Liberty German Was Done My This Man Living In This Garage - Murder of Abigail Williams an...613 views today
4855 Kyron Horman - Planning This For Years, A Tunnel Near School Hidden Entrance, Duck Hunting, Isc, Kyron Was Lost, Th...608 views today
30 August 2021 2 Madeleine McCann located on the Beach of Light in Praia la Luz Portugal, 217...560 views today
30 August 2021 3 In the sky again...557 views today
21 August 2021 2 Tears, Gateway Church, Southlake Texas...523 views today
21 August 2021 4 Amtrack train number 2169 derails killing all aboard....520 views today
6118 Zachary Bernhardt Missing 2018 Psychic Remote Viewing With Map Dousing - Zachary Bernhardt Case Opened 5.20.2018 By...509 views today
21 August 2021 6 99942 Apophis impact near Hawaii - wave circles the earth 20 times...508 views today
Zachary Bernhardt Missinf 2018 Zachary Bernhardt Missing 2018 Psychic Remote Viewing With Map Dousing - Zac...507 views today
Kam Mcleod And Bryer Schmegelsky Psychic Brian Ladd - Kam Mcleod And Bryer Schmegelsky Are Here, Power Lines....368 views today
1 Sept 2021 3 Everywhere...248 views today
Gabrielle Petito found - converted van - there is still blood - bl - she is with him on video at the Virtual Burn - numbers - arrest made- buried at this exact location - not what police think..248 views today
1 Sept 2021 7 Tony Stockwell psychic medium contacts someone who is about to change the world from the grave? numbers Amazing joy - gift is real?240 views today
18 June 2021 5 Summer Wells Found Shoes Her Shoes Will Be Used In Court To Prove This Is Not An Accident - Summer Wells...239 views today
4 July 2021 3 - Summer wells located - numbers - marks found on this object prove she was murdered - under bed - look ag...237 views today
Jenna Van Gelderen Images Q3Dtbn And9Gcrybtifzqvyplienyewzgy Dnl2Lmsp8Ust8Eiyq3Regq2M2Avt Sychic Brian Ladd - In August ...236 views today
26 July 2021 6 Philip Kreycik Found Safe? She Did This She Saw Him In 2020 At Maguire Peaks Loop Trail 925 828 9006 - P...233 views today
31 July 2021 2 She is going to kill her child - she has some sort of rare mental disorder...231 views today
3 Sept 2021 6 Dontae Sharpe- not an accident - numbers...229 views today
10 June 2021 6 Japan Lotto 6 Lottery Numbers . - Japan Lotto 6 Lottery Numbers....228 views today
11 August 2021 3 Queen Elizabeth II dies...227 views today
6 July 2021 5 Summer Wells Located Going To Take Another In July Washing Hands Numbers - Summer Wells located - going t...225 views today
14686 1 April 2021 2 - Louis Farrakhan Arrested For Terrorism - He Dies On September 11th From A Heart Attack....223 views today
31 July 2021 4 Donald Trump's death on December 24th was natural not from the Russian heart attack drug - this is the same date are numerous past dreams,..223 views today
1 August 2021 1 Look at the pattern...223 views today
14814 29 April 2021 9 - Walmart Store - 4763820 - Chris Did This - Danielle Stislicki Is Alive Case At https://Brians...222 views today
8 June 2021 2 8 Jun 2021 2. Missing Woman Kandi Green Gonzalez Located She Told Him She Was Going To The Police - 8 Jun...222 views today
1 July 2021 1 Missing Woman Rose Bly Located Arrest Made Aug 21 4233486 ?? Keeps Washing Hands (423) 348 6060 6060 - Mi...221 views today
10 August 2021 4 Summer Wells arrest made - body found under home? 150 feet from where she said she was...221 views today
14 August 2021 5 Powerball 1731221 452 days...221 views today
14724 8 April 2021 4 - The Remains Of Madeline Mccann Located On The Beach In Praia Da Luz Portugal - Rm Arrested 217. ...219 views today
4 July 2021 6 1537670395 Usa Man Did This They All Read The Book Trumps Cia France Is Next - 1537670395 USA man did thi...219 views today
26 July 2021 3 He Is Going To Do It He Warned Them - He is going to do it - he warned them....219 views today
14638 21 March 2021 6 - He Was At +442380865021 The Fire Is More Than They Think - Look At The Red Bricks?...218 views today
14716 6 April 2021 4 - Missing Woman Angela Morrisey Located At -this Is Him He Took Her Money - By Cinderella School -...218 views today
14742 13 April 2021 2 - Matt Gate'S Refuses To Turn It Over, Did Not Turn Himself In - Arrested April 23rd 2021....218 views today
20 June 2021 4 Per Last Nights Dreams And Map Dousing This Is The Exact Location Of Missing Child Summer Wells At Least ...218 views today
14798 27 April 2021 5 - Missing Boy Keydall Jones Located By Northwood Golf Club - Numbers - Can See The Dog Case At h...217 views today
14604 13 March 2021 2 - Winning Euro Millions Numbers (this Type Of Deep Dream Almost Always Comes True - Maybe April Or...216 views today
14719 7 April 2021 3 - Monday, April 12th Shooting - Numbers....216 views today
14743 13 April 2021 3 - This Is The Georgia Mail Bomber And Abortion Clinic Shooter - Numbers....216 views today
14345 22 January 2021 3 - This Is A Happiness Dd - Print This Drawing And Keep It Close For 10 Days In A Row - Happiness...215 views today
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