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23 November 2016 2 Thierry Ardisson Body Found Floating In A Lake Near Vervaux (sick Stuff) Russian Mafia, Instructions Came From Secret Docu Retry Location Mention In The Last Will And Testament Of David Hamilton From The Uk. Other Pain Hits Include Woo9 views today
24 November 2016 3 Las Vegas Casinos Slot Machine Numbers For The Month Of January 2016, A Machine'S Serial Numbers Are... 9 views today
24 November 2016 1 A White Pride Group From North Carolina Are The Ones Who Are Producing The Nitroglycerin Toothpaste That Will Be Used For The Next (2) Airline Disasters. (excluding The One This Week) The Group Is Leaving Clues Behind At Walmart Sto9 views today
25 November 2016 1 Skinhead Hero Fooled The World? Test Run Failed Horujko 9 views today
27 November 2016 2 ? 704 326-1936. Police Shooting, Kerby Am I Next, Trumps Surprise Visit To Charlotte Fails, Saturday 3rd Day December 201, Not Sure, Mclean, (the Address Of The Person Who Shot The Police Officer9 views today
29 November 2016 2 Jimmy Wales Death Is Related To Arrest And 'mob Connection' Wikipedia (pretty Sure This Is Mr. Wales, Wikipedia Founder) 9 views today
30 November 2016 1 Satanic Temple Of Seattle Joke Burns The Wrong Home And 4 Children Die, 1761 Ti T9 views today
12 December 2016 5 Dd8000 Fire Can Be Seen From The Top Of ?? 232384620429 views today
December 13th 2016 Dreams Llottery Uk Winnder Not Sure About The Rest But This Is Another Lottery Confirmation, This Time Its Uk Lotto Hotpicks For Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 And It Was For 350,000 Euros! Dd Was From The Dec. 12 Same Year And Has Be9 views today
19 December 2016 1 This Is About Another Church Terrorist Attack, The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (real Plus According To Wikipedia) Clock Has Something To Do With The Time Of The Explosions On Sunday, This Is A Drawing Of The Man Who Set The Timer (j9 views today
24 December 2016 1 Evil9 views today
24 December 2016 3 Donald Trump Talks To The Media About His Favorite Christmas Movie (A Christmas Story, Real Movie) His Comments Over A Certain Magazine Are Missed By The Media....The Magazine Is Look And Is A Part Of His Vast Collection Of His Nazi Co9 views today
24 December 2016 5 Last Christmas I Gave You My 'love' Wonderful Joy (note, This Dd Turned Out To Be Related To The Death Of Singer Geroge Michael) 9 views today
25 December 2016 1 Iwm003134 9780399173592 00313 George Lucas Dies Of Potassium, Flordia Rx Murder Toxicology Reports Say...A Bunch More Stuff9 views today
27 December 2016 1 Russian And Bad News9 views today
28 December 2016 3 True Love And The Wonderful Joy Of Death9 views today
29 December 2016 2 Lottery Numbers For Next Year And Other Stuff, I Think Its Only For Austria 9 views today
6 January 2017 3 Se-Dux Some Type Of Statue - Dream Number 8105 6 January 2017 39 views today
6 January 2017 4 3102762251 Bio Weapon Too Late Poison In The Air - Dream Number 8106 6 January 2017 49 views today
4490 Brandon Getting Glasses 9 views today
Brian Ladd Hospital March 10 2018 Dream By Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 9 views today
28 December 2020 1 January 7th 2021 Shooting - 9th And 12th Numbers.9 views today
28 Dec 2020 4 Women For America First Hq Raided 4 Arrested By The Fbi On March 18th 2021 Numbers Name Cha Women For America First Hq Raided - 4 Arrested By The Fbi On March 18th 2021 - Numbers - Name Changes But They Forgot The Data? 9 views today
30 Dec 2020 3 Day Night Lottery 132 615 Play These Next Month. Day Night Lottery 132 615 - Play These Next Month.9 views today
5 Mar 2021 2 Missing Teen Leah Conner Missing Found - Unfortunately This Dream Was Correct But I Hope This Dream Help Find Who Did This - My Dream From March 5th 2021 Says Leah Conner Missing Teen Found - He Did This - Not Suicide - Something About A9 views today
22 May 2021 4 Look Again - Numbers - Ryan Larson Located - Look On The Roof - The Ladder Has Been Used - Cannot Open - I Can See The Dog - School Roof - From Grand Island - This Is About A Missing Child Ryan Larson. Case At Https://Briansprediction.9 views today
26 May 2021 2 June 7th, 2021 Breaking News.9 views today
17 November 2016 1 Grid 54swg3567238435 Onagawa (I Think This Is Dprk Related) Plane Crash At Seat 13a 449i214 Donald Trump'S Ex-Lover Found Dead, Details On Dd With Name And Address Of Who Did It, Censored. Mega Millions Winning Numbers For Janu8 views today
26 November 2016 2 Qu 18 14 26 57 36 8 views today
29 November 2016 1 Koreatown La Evacuation Is Too Late, Numbers8 views today
24 December 2016 4 3906988323 39-06-698-83296 The Rest Is In Korean 8 views today
26 December 2016 1 Russia Denies Plans To Down Planes Uses To Transport Us Politicians 8 views today
30 December 2016 2 This Is A Dangerous Dd And I'M Not Going To Comment On It, But It'S Related To Last Month'S (November) Dreams8 views today
1 January 2017 4 Can'T Breathe And It'S Wonderful - Dream Number 8085 1 January 2017 48 views today
5 January 2017 4 The Movie And Tv Series 12 Monkeys Comes To Life Thanks To Russia, The Dprk And Their Isis Friends, Shootings And More Coming Soon To Your Local Movie Therster...Or Airport!8 views today
6 January 2017 2 Very Bad Things Happening At Embassies World Wide - Dream Number 8104 6 January 2017 2 8 views today
9 January 2017 3 People That Do Not Use A Cell Phone Are 50% Happier And Smarter - Just Thinking About The ? Will Improve Overall Happiness By 25% - Dream Number 8113 9 January 2017 3 8 views today
14 January 2017 4 This Man, Who Works For Space X Did Not Die From An Accident Or A Fall, See Important Detail On Dd, And It'S Not Related To The Tragic Death Of The Companies Ceo (all Events Pending) - Dream Number 8132 14 January 2017 4 8 views today
4441 Our Xmas Gift To Ourselves....A New Stove, The Last One Burned In The Fire. 8 views today
19 February 2017 1 Dream By Schizophrenic Psychic Brian Ladd 8 views today
31 Jan 2020 3 Sylvester Stallone Killed.8 views today
21 Feb 2021 5 A Dream From July 6th 2020 Says Tiger Woods Dies Of Covid-19 He Has Had It Before - The Second Time Kills Him, There Is Where He Gets It The Second Time I Think Tiger Woods Cash Crash Was Predicted By This Dream From February 21st It Sa8 views today
This dream from Mar 30th 2021 states that over 12 000 people in Tampa Florida are going to die2C please see this dream drawing now This Dream From March 30th 2021 States That Over 12 000 People In Tampa Florida Are Going To Die, Please See And Share This8 views today
Dianna Brice missing woman found on the Other Side of Cobbs Creek Dianna Brice Missing Woman Found On The Other Side Of Cobbs Creek It Was Not An Overdose He H Dianna Brice Missing Woman Found On The Other Side Of Cobbs Creek - It Was Not An Overdose 8 views today
2 May 2021 2 Amy Lynn Bradley Missing Woman Finally Comes Home, She Worked In The Same Barranquilla Colombia C Amy Lynn Bradley Missing Woman Finally Comes Home, She Worked In The Same Barranquilla Colombia Club Natalie Holloway Did - After Natalie Gave8 views today
17 May 2021 1 Missing Boy Ryan Larsen Located - Near New Construction Right Where The Water Meets The Boards? Look Again - Barking Dog - Trash In The Car - Tara Hills Golf Course - He Saw The Dog? Can'T Get Out - Dark - Need To Be Found Now - Loo8 views today
26 May 2021 5 She Is Not Telling The Truth, She Knows What Happened To Her Son, Accident - Body In Water.8 views today
28 May 2021 2 7136842253 6187007 3 Days She Made Him Do It - Sylvester Turner - I Do Not Know What She Will Make Him Do.8 views today
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