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Sinking of the Dong Fang Zhi Xing Eastern Star on the Yangtze River in Hubei Province China on June 1st 2015 Psychic Prediction by Brian Ladd three days before the event6 views
Dream number 8796 30 May 2017 3 by Brian Ladd6 viewsEuro-millions lottery for August and September 2017, pattern x4, the same one from 2015 that ALL FIVE DD's hit ALL NUMBERS, pay attention to this one. - Dream number 8796 30 May 2017 3
IMG 07096 viewsFort Dix Basic Training graduation 1989, my grandmother
Rachel Lynn Thomas2C Dream number 10275 11 April 2018 2 psychic prediction6 viewsRachel Lynn Thomas, BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A Brevard County woman beat and strangled her newborn twins and then told police she gave birth on a toilet, according to a police report. Court documents released Tuesday said Rachel Lynn Thomas, 30, told authorities that she gave birth to twins on a toilet and that the infants later died. A police report released later Tuesday night said an autopsy report revealed that the babies' injuries were not consistent with Thomas' story. Channel 9's Melonie Holt learned Wednesday that Thomas made a Facebook reference in 2016 to having a child in a bathroom, authorities said. Read: Mother arrested after newborns found dead in West Melbourne home, police say Police were called Sunday to a home on Laurel Oak Street, where a baby was found unresponsive. Thomas said she began to feel ill at work and went home to lay down on the couch, investigators said. She said her feet were swollen and she was experiencing heartburn. She told them she went to the bathroom and gave birth over a toilet, investigators said. Thomas told investigators she cut off the boy’s umbilical cord with a pair of scissors, placed him inside a blue shirt and began “cleaning up the mess,” documents said. >>> Download the free WFTV news app <<< "Baby John Doe" was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Thomas said she never saw the newborn open his eyes, cry or breathe, and that he was cold to the touch and blue, investigators said. Investigators then went to Thomas' home, where they found the body of "Baby Jane Doe" in a trash can in a carport, according to the report. Thomas was unable to provide investigators with a timeline of the boy's birth and when she had called 911 for help, investigators said. Thomas said she had no idea she was pregnant and continued to have her period until this month, investigators said. Detectives said that Baby John and Baby Jane suffered severe blunt force trauma to their heads. They also said the umbilical cord was wrapped around Baby Jane's throat and that an object was lodged in the infant's throat. They said it appeared as though Thomas had tried to conceal the body with trash. Investigators said Thomas told them “they were both dead and she got scared.” Thomas was taken into custody Monday afternoon on charges of child neglect and one count of tampering with evidence. The charges were upgraded Tuesday to one count of first-degree murder, two counts of felony murder and two counts of aggravated child abuse. Investigators said Thomas could not tell them how much time had passed between the delivery at her home and the call she made to 911. Police said someone they spoke to Tuesday confirmed Thomas admitted to them she was pregnant months ago. On a Facebook page investigators believe is associated with Thomas, there is a 2016 reference to having a baby in the bathroom. She said in the post that he was dong better. "We are aware of the information that's on social media from her Facebook account, detectives are looking into that. I don't know that they've been able to corroborate the details that she posted there," said Capt. Richard Cordeau, with the West Melbourne Police Department. Thomas is being held in the Brevard County Jail on no bail. Thomas has two other children, ages 1 and 8, who are in the care of a relative, Department of Children and Families officials said.
Dream number 10319 20 April 2018 3 psychic prediction 06 viewsOk so all these DD's seem to be realted, a man and a woman who are members of a hate group in Nashville TN are about to do their 20th shooting but this time something goes wrong and the 2005 Ford Mustang getaway car and driver will not be there suppose to be. The man will walk the aN& P discount tobacco and beer building (the real place) in Nashville. The FBI is aware of many of the hate crimes and but did not make the connection. - Dream number 10319 20 April 2018 3
Elisa Lam 20130221094201 640 480 The murder of by Shanann Watts Bella and Celest by Chris Watts psychic Brian add6 viewsThe body of Elisa Lam, also known by her Cantonese name, Lam Ho Yi (藍可兒; April 30, 1991[1] – February 2013), a Canadian student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, was recovered from a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on February 19, 2013.[2] She had been reported missing at the beginning of the month. Maintenance workers at the hotel discovered the body when investigating guest complaints of problems with the water supply.

Her disappearance had been widely reported; interest had increased five days prior to her body's discovery when the Los Angeles Police Department released video of the last time she was known to have been seen, on the day of her disappearance, by an elevator security camera. In the footage, Lam is seen exiting and re-entering the elevator, talking and gesturing in the hallway outside, and sometimes seeming to hide within the elevator, which itself appears to be malfunctioning. The video went viral on the Internet, with many viewers reporting that they found it unsettling. Explanations ranged from claims of paranormal involvement to bipolar disorder from which Lam suffered; it has also been argued that the video was altered prior to release.[3]

The circumstances of Lam's death, once she was found, also raised questions, especially in light of the Cecil's history in relation to other notable deaths and murders. Her body was naked[4] with most of her clothes and personal effects floating in the water near her.[4] It took the Los Angeles County Coroner's office four months, after repeated delays, to release the autopsy report, which reports no evidence of physical trauma and states that the manner of death was accidental.[5] Guests at the Cecil, now re-branded as Stay on Main, sued the hotel over the incident, and Lam's parents filed a separate suit later that year; the latter was dismissed in 2015. Some of the early Internet interest noted what were considered to be unusual similarities between Lam's death and the 2005 horror film Dark Water.[2] The case has since been referenced in international popular culture

More than a year after her disappearance, Pennsylvania State Police confirmed that their search for a missing mother had turned into a murder investigation.

Police said Anna Bronislawa Maciejewska was reported missing by her husband, Allen Gould, on April 10, 2017. WCAU reported that the Poland native was the mother to a 3-year-old son and a successful actuary for Voya Financial at the time of her disappearance.

“We are out there looking for her body,” Corporal Robert Kirby said. “We haven’t ruled out any suspects.”

Gould reportedly told police that he last saw Maciejewska, 44, leaving their Charlestown Township home and that she didn’t turn up for work that day. However, friends said the last time they spoke with Maciejewska was March 28—after that, they claimed to have only spoken to her through text messages, according to The Mercury News.

Following her disappearance, coworker Sharon Rouse said she visited Maciejewska’s house and claimed to have found her phone on the table.

“She would not have left her phone,” Rouse told the station.

State police also said they’re looking into the two weeks prior to Maciejewska’s April 10th reported disappearance. Reports indicated that she had taken time off from work and was scheduled to return the day she was last seen alive.

Further, state police said they recovered her blue Audi A4 in Charlestown Meadows, two miles from her home, on May 8, 2017. Afterward, Embreeville Barracks used dogs to search the nearby woods and neighborhood for the missing mother.

With limited clues, police said they’re interested in speaking more with her husband.

“We last spoke to [him] two months ago,” Kirby said. “Allen would not provide any useful information.”

Maciejewska is 5-feet, 4-inches tall, weighs about 160 pounds, and has hazel eyes and blonde hair.

This is an ongoing investigation. Pennsylvania State Police is urging anyone with information surrounding Anna Bronislawa Maciejewska’s disappearance and presumed death to contact the Embreeville Barracks at 610-486-6280.
DANIELLE STISLICKI MISSING WOMAN FOUND SAFE 2017-02-24 105637 25195 PSYCHIC BRIAN LADD6 viewsAnn and Richard Stislicki have awakened in their Fowlerville home to the uncertainty, the fear and the loneliness that comes with the realization their daughter Danielle is still missing.

It's been that way since Dec. 2, 2016, when Danielle, their bubbly 28-year-old daughter, left the insurance office at which she worked in Southfield, never to be heard from again. Danielle was supposed to go out with friends that night, but never showed up. Her car was found in her Farmington Hills apartment complex the next morning, but there's been no sign of her since.

That was a little more than a year ago and, though the family is doing what it must to get by, it never gets any easier. This week, with the one-year anniversary having passed Saturday, was especially difficult.

"It's a challenge. ... It was very difficult this past week to get through," Ann Stislicki said. "We started to make a commitment that we'd focus on ourselves and the family and not look at Facebook. You work through it, you talk through it as much as you can, but we all have our moments when we break down. But we're there for each other. We know we're all challenged with the struggle and (try) to keep that hope up."

Chris Paliewicz, Danielle's uncle, remembers those days, not like they happened more than a year ago, but like they were just yesterday. He was walking his dog Dec. 3, 2016, the day after Danielle went missing, when he got a call saying they needed to get into Danielle's apartment.

The day after that was spent searching for her, which has been pretty much how the ensuing 365 days have gone.
Craig Allen Frear found Dream number 11168 12 October 2018 3 psychic prediction6 viewsCraig Allen Frear is alive and happy, his family lives off Walkley road in Ottawa Canada. He had a mental breakdown, did not take his life but wanted a new one.


Craig was last seen on June 27, 2004, in Scotia, New York, as he left his car and walked into the woods. When he went missing, Craig was wearing blue jean shorts, a white long sleeved t-shirt, and Adidas sneakers with three black stripes. Craig may go by the nickname Craiger.

William Cierzan was taken to a place to shoot on canyon road by Daniel, the hammer was purchased at Walmart, the hole was 1/2 mile behind the targets, numbers.
Alien Sketches Mit Conference 199UFO Report Case Number 084 Tags UFO Sketch Ufo Reporting MUFON Real Ufo Sighting Ufo Drawing Ufo Photo 2019 26 views
Idaho Falls Idaho December 8 1967 UFO With OccupantUFO Report Case Number 166 Tags UFO Sketch Ufo Reporting MUFON Real Ufo Sighting Ufo Drawing Ufo Photo 2019 S6 views
MISSING KELSIE JEAN SCHELLING 5 CASE NUMBER 85396 viewsMissing Person kelsie_jean_schelling_5 2019 case by Psycic Brian Ladd
MISSING QUEZADA STEPHANIE CASE NUMBER 122366 viewsMissing Person quezada_stephanie 2019 case by Psycic Brian Ladd
take 5 lottery winner6 viewsAugust 8th, 2019:

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dorothy harriet camille arnold 36 viewsdorothy_harriet_camille_arnold_3 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
James Scott Boese Found6 views
Lurline Michelle Bergeron Located6 views
Rizwan Mansur Dhanani Located6 views
Tammy Alexandra Flores New Details Posted 6 views
Located missing James Robert Dougherty Farenthold Located6 viewsStill missing James_Robert_Dougherty_Farenthold_Located Missing

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Case Number From The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children Ncm 403729 Psychic Detective Brian Ladd6 viewscase number from the national center for missing and exploited children NCMC1403729c1 Pending missing person cases at Karizma Flores Omega Smalls Mallory Glass Gerald Griffin Marissa Floyd Paris Jones Fable Aguilar Kyea Mahoney Justin Lively Ava Wheeler Ashley Rogers Brittany Faraci Angelina Torres Laura Lozano Gabriyella Lucy Curtis Riley Logan Bolinger Guadalupe Hernandez Leont Bell Yucef Clark Mason Qureshi Tashasia Lueken Sierra Grantham JaCyiea Porter Carla Benitez Ryder Withworth Alyssa Reneau Taliyah Higgins Kenneth Moss Kaylisha Johnson Danielle Tompkins Kobe Griffin Makayla Bee Skyler Wilson Harmony Coburn Rachelle Howard Melondie Knox Aidan Charlet Dedra Phillips Jasmine Van Syckle Mygee Bluford Kevin Joseph-Mirand Tashonda Anderson Dustin Everhart Jeniffer Cruz-Juarez Nilynne Prostell Grace Crock Erica Sam Milina Losey Leandra Thomas Iimmoni Washington Tabias 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Angelica Santiago Nikayla Seabrooks Antonio Drummond Brynn Fisher Michael Steadham Chelsey Gee Kyree Harris Britaney Lewis Marisol Love Ellis Eaton Juliana White Skyla Wilkerson Addyson Gibson Noelle Johnson Aracely Acevedo Stephanie Acevedo Juan Contreras Hailey Quinones Da'Mari Thomas Jeffrie Uy Jaquavin Tyson Emily Hibbard Leanora Holloway Tandon Nielsen Joshua Erdley Haydan Beshears Haylee Hardee Monaye Schalk Rayenelle Crockett Tyra Stanton Dasan Boone Destiny Nixon Pablo Ramos Amelia Wiltse Athena Debernardo Ana Nasona Kaison Mahaffey Jasmine Marsh-Marmolejos Ruth Lopez Madalin Shively Jordan Strickland Frederick Harris Audrey Karabin Dernisha Paige Trinity Bowling Jenesa Perez Alyssa Ludvigsen Steven Armstrong Talice Dixon Sade Haley Janiyah Kirven Kristin Martin Malakhi Moore Joie Zain Thea Walton Tyrese Hill Amanda Quiroz-Reyes Ciara Scheidel Michael McCaulla Riah Baily-Simmons Rain Smallwood Angelito Vigil Tyler Obregon Tyonna Chester Bryson Burchett Scott Brumley Issac Gonzales India Armstrong Brian Carroll Miguel Asencio Anthony Arlaus Trevor Long Claire Hogan Le'Kenya Griffin Serenity Graczyk Noah Coryell Antonio Anderson Rebecca Ownby Matthew Olszko Angel Vail Lauren Wells Kayla Villegas Alaysia Watson Hunter Michales Kendalyn Van Ausdall Anthony Oueslati Kaniya Winn Nevaeh Rollins Cynthia Avila Akira Miller Alexis Chavez Sonya Carter-Cruz Cristina Valdez Berlyn Forgy Jonathan Silva Gavin Wyatt Jayden Clark Isaiah Garza MysticalRose Fisher Anthony Beard Zoe DeBoer Marcus Belizaire Ravena Decastro David Harvey Chloe Bowersock Christian Moon John Stewart Treasure Jefferies Chandaliah Shorter Madison Fogal Loveika Welch Emelia Deherrera Jacob Nusser Anna Feilen Aislin Johnson Tina Garcia Armoni Hatcher Jakayla Ray Adrianna Solano Sa'Riya Thomas Amaryan Scott Kobe Davis Tristan Sexton Jacob Storie Jada Paul Andre Acosta Elijah Henderson Eric Black James Aberkalns Daionnah Wilson Najla Almayaly Maria Montoya Heidy Montoya Emma Mastache My'Asia Thomas Gabriella Mayse Armaidre Argumon Daejaun Thompson Shanila Stanley Nancy Parroquin Kayfli Leandro Andasiah Walker Tim DePaepe Ammanuel Simpson Zachariah Cunningham Katelyn Flores Jamira Debose Osbourne Brysen Brown Anisa Crawford-Garza Christine Wallace Annalys Christian Allen Butrum Savannah Cole Johnny Frazier Dayana Rivera Amador Maleigha Nail Zykia Winford Angel Mateo Markquerva Lumar Earl Young-Hegedus Brett Davis Kamber Howiler Leora Hardee Roman Lopez Alexia Del Toro Lexi Landess Issac Falco Trinity Abraham Jacob Manning Jamon Cheatham Xzundria Cooper Star Wilson Karen Bolton Layla Lewis Taliah Smith Chloe Lennemann Leroy Wright Riana Orfilia-Jimenez Jace McDaniel Zariah Martin Michael Kitowski Billy Cain Jenissa Valdez Nathan McIntosh Emily Attaway Skyelynn McDermott Jan Tysinger Kyra Molden Vincent Farvour Ashanti Burks Tanner Hadley Joshua Wiltz Seattle Story-Smith Avion Tapia Kaylynn Schultz Monique Miller Ashton Dixon Miles Crawford Mariah Hall Orianna Carter NCMC1403729c1 William Putul
Dream number 14541 27 February 2021 1 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd6 viewsAlexis Cavazos found - he met her 10 times before at this restaurant - B - 7136070 2143249464

more at
Dream number 14564 4 March 2021 1 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd6 viewsPay attention to only nothing 3 times a day - this will make nothing into something - no thought.
This dream from March 11th 2021 hit the Powerball lottery just 2 days later6 viewsThis dream from March 11th 2021 hit the Powerball lottery just 2 days later

dreams says

Fives and ones 5 11 561 51 USA lottery - not sure what lottery or when - usually takes a least a month or two

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