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Most viewed - 2015 DREAM JOURNAL
dream prediction number 6666 13 june 2015 1 dreams brian ladd33 views todayAn explosion on June 18th 2015 and it IS terrorist related
dream prediction number 6920 28 september 1 dreams brian ladd27 views todayJesus is coming Our Father in heaven hallowed be your name, your kingdom...not really sure, this was not a good dream.
dream prediction number 6339 17 february 2015 4 dreams brian ladd24 views todayThese are winning 'lottery pool' numbers for March, 2015 by Astrology signs, to play pick your numbers from the DD that pertains to you, pick the amount of numbers you need for any lottery you wish but pick quickly, with no thinking.
dream prediction number 6651 8 june 2015 1 dreams brian ladd24 views todayX6111 Brett Butler, Gum Island, Riverfront (a man named Brett Butler is going to die on 7/13/16, other details are on DD
dream prediction number 6521 22 april 2015 3 dreams brian ladd23 views todaylargest disturbance in the north Atlantic triggers the Katla Volcano, largest explosion is recorded history, 49 hours, 4912 hours, Tsunami covers UK (a very large volcanic explosion destroys Iceland and the tsunami created covers The United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden at 6:16 AM on the date below.
dream prediction number 6693 21 june 2015 3 dreams brian ladd23 views todayWanted Richard Matt and David Sweat case, this is a sketch of the police officer who gave David the disposable phone from Walmart, note the phone number. Per the dd this is where they are now, and again...the false information police are giving the local media is NOT A good idea.
dream prediction number 6867 8 september 3 dreams brian ladd23 views todayDisney stop this, Quail Run Dog Park ??
Missing Person Maura Murray dream number 6913 24 september 1 by psychic brian ladd23 views todayThis was a public request from...well I'm really not sure who. It took me most of today to translate the most important part of some 16 plus dream drawings. I'm sad to say I do not think Maura Murray is still alive, but these is always hope and my dream are wrong more then they are right.

Most of the DD's describe what happened...I will not be posting these, I'm only posting an answer to the question I was asked, Maura's location. Something really bothered my here, and I think several members of the local police department have some thing they might want to get off their chest.
dream prediction number 6727 9 november 4 dreams brian ladd23 views todayChris Duffoir killed over money, phone number 2348023376135, old prison - this is about a murder, in the back room is a shelf with rope.
brian ladds dream diary 201522 views today
dream prediction number 6500 13 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd22 views today3 weeks before the founder of Scientology (L.R.H. L Ron Hubbard) physical body died, he had his 'box of secrets' buried at the grid on this dd, on April 4th of this year the box was discovered. Here is the map, although I don't think its needed anymore...as the dream did come true. (see appropriate section of this site)
dream prediction number 6596 14 may 2015 1 dreams brian ladd22 views todaya 'bug watch' for kids is recalled after dozens of children bitten in the night by their escaped pets.
dream prediction number 6677 16 june 2015 4 dreams brian ladd22 views todaymore details of an upcoming plane crash to include tail number, suppose to happen on Monday June 22nd, this year
dream prediction number 6742 25 july 2015 5 dreams brian ladd22 views todayOk, I will try and explain this..try not to overanalyze it.

We are not suppose to think in human-taught language...

We were suppose to think like all other animal species on earth...in visions, smells and emotions...never words that were created by other humans.

Words are for commutation only, not self-talk, which in reality is always repetitive, useless and insane.

Imagine growing up without human taught language...how would you think?

There should never be any voice in your head...especially one that speaks English.

If we can truly understand this, the secrets to everything will be realized.

dream prediction number 6340 17 february 2015 5 dreams brian ladd21 views todayThese are winning 'lottery pool' numbers for March, 2015 by Astrology signs, to play pick your numbers from the DD that pertains to you, pick the amount of numbers you need for any lottery you wish but pick quickly, with no thinking.
dream prediction number 6517 20 april 2015 7 dreams brian ladd21 views today4/20/15 - last nights dreams, not sure about any of these
dream prediction number 6570 4 may 2015 5 dreams brian ladd21 views todayChandini Portteus secrets exposed
dream prediction number 6258 15 january 2015 3 dreams brian ladd20 views todayDetails of the upcoming China and Indonesia earthquakes, the girds for both are here along with the time and dates...I want to stress these two earthquakes will cause major damage...soon.
dream prediction number 6462 2 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd20 views today2 days Istanbul anti-missile 'dome' for Turkey fails, 26 people die without any family members knowing, Israel; / US can no longer protect our country. Ahmet DAvutoglu killed by CIA for threating to go public...etc
dream prediction number 6487 8 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd20 views todayZerrin Sari 691172663 926631 Al Fres Hotel Damascus Syria, can't see left eye
dream prediction number 6681 17 june 2015 4 dreams brian ladd20 views todayThis is several requests that I combined on 2 dream sheets, Lottery numbers (surprise, surprise) for the MegaMillions (US) Powerball (US) EuroMillions, Australia OZ and the Ukraine Lottery - this is for the time period of June 22nd to July 31st of 2015)
dream prediction number 6682 17 june 2015 5 dreams brian ladd20 views todayThis is several requests that I combined on 2 dream sheets, Lottery numbers (surprise, surprise) for the MegaMillions (US) Powerball (US) EuroMillions, Australia OZ and the Ukraine Lottery - this is for the time period of June 22nd to July 31st of 2015)
dream prediction number 6800 18 august 2015 1 dreams brian ladd20 views todayit will burn in 30 days, LED Light bulb flashes when turned off, this means your walls are full of moisture and mold
dream prediction number 6814 22 august 2015 3 dreams brian ladd20 views todayNotes from God (really) but not for me, again I felt like I was a court stenographer taking notes from God talking to a person he knows very well, a healer. page 3
Christopher Sean Harper Mercer Psychic Prediction by Brian Ladd from August 12th 2015 Umpqua Community College20 views todayI'm certain this dd and the one's from August are related to this event, I'm actually a little shock right now as the dd's from August are even more detailed.
dream prediction number 6710 5 november 1 dreams brian ladd20 views todayThis dream is related to 6702 from the first of November 2015, I wrote down what I could, but I woke up this time so my memory faded fast. To sum it up, several more terrorist related plane crashes (3) and (6) attempted, can all be traced back to the old Russian KGB, and the countries leader knows exactly what is going on. Not sure if these 'false flag' operations will really convince the Russian People to go to war with Israel and The United States, but I know that the deaths of innocent people does not need to happen. The real reason for these events is someone ego and a uncompleted bucket list. (reminds me of an American President) Per past dd's in 2014 and this year, Vladimir Putin's insanity stated when he found out he was dyeing, with his mental illness growing worse everyday, and he does not care what happens to most of the world. Mr Putin does hover care for his inner circle and family, this can again proven by Flight 9268. 3 Russian and one Israeli (under cover KGB) 'would be' passengers on that flight canceled just days before the crash...why? The KGB is using old school liquid explosives that can be traced back to a 'Vladimir Kozlov' and well as 2 other people mentioned in past dd's.
dream prediction number 6393 10 march 2015 2 dreams brian ladd19 views today20 50 chegou a hora de sua fortuna, Galeria do Rock 35 52 av sao joao 4 Brazil town March 13 2015
dream prediction number 6505 15 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd19 views todayLocation, date and tail number of the Russian Plane that was shot down by NATO forces, Russia denied that it was carrying live nuclear weapons, but the wreckage say otherwise. This was (or will be) the first of 3 events priors the NYC snd Washington DC event.
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