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My ONLY SISTER, Christine died today - I love you

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Most viewed dreams - 2015 DREAM JOURNAL
30 Sept 3 Books All Over 1.43 Miles South of Shelf Plane Crash. Books Wilth Williams3 views today
Brian S Dream Diary 20152 views today
18 Jan 2015 1 Since I'm No Longer Posting Terrorist Related Dd's (See News Section) I Have Blacked Out Any Details of Specific Dates / Times of Events. This Dd Concerns Upcoming Train Derailments in the Usa, These 2 Men Are One the Ones Res2 views today
19 Jan 2015 1 This Is a Health and Happiness Dream Cure and It's Based on the Iron in Your Blood and the Earths Magnetic Field. Since We Are Using Magnetic North (and This Changes) You Need a Compass. the Dd Is Simple, Sleep with You Head Pointe2 views today
20 Jan 2015 1 This Will Be a Famous Photo Taken by This Man, It's Shows Something Amazing That Happened Near Ground Zero of the Upcoming Indonesia Earthquake (See Past Dd's for More Details)2 views today
21 Jan 2015 2 Dupla 2 20 21 9 16 35 Sena Building School?2 views today
7 Feb 2015 1 Winning Powerball Lottery Numbers for Feb 2015 (in the Box) and Additional Details on the Winners)2 views today
6 May 2015 2 A House with Bodies in the Basement, Many Bodies2 views today
7 May 2015 1 Additional Details on What Is Hidden at the Beach in Praia Da Luz, Portugal. I Have Added the Search Maps From Previous Dd's, There Are Three Separate Locations Located About 10-20 Meters From Each Other. the Items Includes a T-shirt, P2 views today
8 May 2015 2 Ok...amazing Eventis Nuku Aboua Hiva Hadrth...????2 views today
9 May 2015 1 May 9th, 2015 New South Wales I Oz 16 1 7 8 36 4 Lottery 28 4 Days He Was in Victoria 73632600 Saturday May 16th 2015 603119 Largest Meth Lab in History? Outside Evansville Indiana Us Flag Left Window He Has a ? Road Rage ??aperson 3 Days Ke2 views today
10 May 2015 2 Thumbnail Was Pulled Off Using This Devise...no Pain Though.2 views today
11 May 2015 2 Winning Lottery Numbers for Next Week Something to Do with North Korea (Dprk) and Fire2 views today
25 Jul 2015 5 Ok, I Will Try and Explain This..try Not to Overanalyze It. We Are Not Suppose to Think in Human-taught Language... We Were Suppose to Think Like All Other Animal Species on Earth...in Visions, Smells and Emotions...never Words That Were C2 views today
7 Aug 2015 3 A Video of the Meteorite Flashing Across the Sky Becomes Very Popular on Youtube, Should Happen Next Week2 views today
27 Aug 2015 1 This Was Very Scary, and I Do Not Think It for Me, Room, Bed No Not Sleep in the Bedroom on Friday Sept 11th, at 3:03 Am 27 Shots From 3 Automatic M16 Weapons Will Kill 2 People, Mexican Drug Cartel Hot Wrong House, 76132 76132 66392 views today
15 Sept 2 New Gravity Shift, Crescent Moon, Crescent Moon Moon and Full Moon Great Quakes, Sept 20-24th 2015 California, 8.0 Japan 9.8 (the New Shift in the Moons Pull on the Earth (This Has Not Been Discovered Yet Because of Lack of Funding...2 views today
19 Sept 1 If You're Reading This Out Loud Translating From Programmed Human Speech...you're Insane. Read This Out Loud and Meditate on Why Your Soul Is Still Using Human's Past Aggressions and Insanity. Thought Was Meant to Free of Hi2 views today
12 Oct 1 Us Lottery Numbers for the Mega Millions and Powerball From Oct 14th to Oct 31st of 2015 Also Note the Pattern This Time Is in Reverse. 440979 1077 Star on Rope 771 Help Them - No Clue2 views today
21 Oct 6 Pattern for Next Weeks Lotteries in the Usa2 views today
5 Nov 1 This Dream Is Related to 6702 From the First of Nov 2015, I Wrote Down What I Could, but I Woke Up This Time So My Memory Faded Fast. To Sum It Up, Several More Terrorist Related Plane Crashes (3) and (6) attempted, Can All Be Traced Ba2 views today
1 Jan 2015 2 East Turkestan Islamic Movement Isb International School of Beijing, 4 Day Standoff Leaves More Than 1,000 Dead, 66131 views today
2 Jan 2015 1 More Details on the Upcoming American Airlines Plane Crash1 views today
2 Jan 2015 2 15 16 17 18 19 10 Uk Lottery Farm 31 views today
2 Jan 2015 3 An Upcoming Earthquake in Java, Not Sure What This Is Yet.1 views today
3 Jan 2015 3 Death...very Scary Then...but Very Little Memory on This Now.1 views today
8 Jan 2015 1 No Comment1 views today
11 Jan 2015 1 3d Sound Break Thru - Bose - No Need, Cerumen, L R, 'no Longer Does the User Need Headphones to Hear 3d Sound...' Cross Talk Removed, Algorithm Based on 'ear Wax Growth Variety' in Human Body. (See Invention Section1 views today
11 Jan 2015 2 Not Sure but I Think This Is Korean1 views today
14 Jan 2015 3 This Is Him1 views today
15 Jan 2015 3 Details of the Upcoming China and Indonesia Earthquakes, the Girds for Both Are Here Along with the Time and Dates...i Want to Stress These Two Earthquakes Will Cause Major Damage...soon.1 views today
15 Jan 2015 5 Tower Falls 661311 views today
16 Jan 2015 1 Semirara Island Major Quake (This Is About the Dd From Last Night)1 views today
19 Jan 2015 2 805 357 Bon?? 3662114 Ca1 views today
22 Jan 2015 2 128 114 235 23 Us Government Hides Earthquake Data From?? 2/7/15 Mountain? Mark Harrason Usgs Members Issued Gag Order, Yellowstone Eruption Sept 30th 2015 7 Hours After High Tide?1 views today
23 Jan 2015 2 Water1 views today
29 Jan 2015 2 Feb 6 2015 11:42 Am 177621151 Bus Accident H.t. Jerry1 views today
30 Jan 2015 2 This Is a Weight Loss Drink That Blocks Fat From Being Digested by the Body, It's Important That You Use Spring Water for This, and as Always Ask a Doctor Before Trying Anything Your Not Sure of.1 views today
2 Feb 2015 1 Don't Go There, 11 100 Days of Sorrow, the Man She Met in Stria Denies He Was Responsible for That Accident That Killed..10?? Keeps Contacting?1 views today
4 Feb 2015 2 A Man Kills People with a Shovel1 views today
5 Feb 2015 1 Please, Please on Monday Morning at 7:26 Am Stop What You Are Doing and Count to 57. This Is a 'action Delay' Dd, I Beileve the Time Is Local and the Date Is the 9th of Feb 2015.1 views today
5 Feb 2015 2 Logo, 'actress New Weight Loss Program Works Wonders and Makes More Millions for This Celebrity' 'rose O Donnell's 'new Looks' Amazing' These Are Newspaper Headlines About Actress Rosie O'donnell1 views today
5 Feb 2015 3 Painting Is Not Real1 views today
5 Feb 2015 5 Dream Red Sky You Can See the Door Behind the Wallpaper Marshall Mathers1 views today
12 Feb 2015 4 Placing an Ice Pack on Your Head and Soaking Your Feet in Warm Water at the Same Timer for 10 Minutes 3 Times a Week Will Stop the Pain1 views today
13 Feb 2015 2 3 6 4 2 11 views today
18 Feb 2015 2 2015 Assassination attempt Putin, Cia Failed, Already Dead 13712 6621137 9986647 (Related to Last Dd)1 views today
18 Feb 2015 3 117553211 - Check Your Software, It's Fake, Virus Is Sending Your Bank Data to Russia (Yeah)1 views today
22 Feb 2015 4 This Is the 'very Sad' Person That Did the Shooting on Mar 23rd of This Year1 views today
10 Mar 2015 2 20 50 Chegou a Hora De Sua Fortuna, Galeria Do Rock 35 52 Av Sao Joao 4 Brazil Town Mar 13 20151 views today
12 Mar 2015 3 North Korea Launches an Icbm (See Date and Details on Dd) It's Russian Made and the Us Government Knows All About It.1 views today
13 Mar 2015 1 Lockheed Martin Space Systems Severs Are Hacked1 views today
14 Mar 2015 1 Russia Burns Buildings and People Before Nuclear Event in Kiev (Referring to the Nuclear Detonations in Ukraine and Washington Dc)1 views today
14 Mar 2015 2 Details of a Massive Mudslide1 views today
15 Mar 2015 1 Stock Picks (Use at Own Risk, and I Do Not Own These or Any Stocks and Do Not Know Anyone Who Does)1 views today
16 Mar 2015 1 A Secret Us Star Wars Satellite Explodes at Launch, This Is the Same Dd with the Red Plastic Circle Pc Boards1 views today
17 Mar 2015 1 Leader Was Murdered, Not an Accident1 views today
17 Mar 2015 3 Us School Bus Accident on Friday Mar 20th, 2015, Other Details Listed, Do Not Know the Exact Time on This One.1 views today
1 Mar 2015 2 3/29/15 Very Odd Sort of Dreams Last Night, All I Think Were Wonderful...and That's All I Know Right Now. Will Translate if I Can Later Today.1 views today
31 Mar 2015 4 I Don't Know1 views today
2 Apr 2015 2 These Are Buy Points for Engery Stocks (Request)1 views today
3 Apr 2015 2 Steve Morgan, Ladder, 67323423451 views today
3 Apr 2015 7 This Is About Missing Child, Madeleine Mccann, and I Will Be Posted More at Www.briansdrems.com/madeleine, Basically Says That a Person with a Metal Detector Finds a Belt Buckle That Belongs to Madeleine's Father...along with Human Re1 views today
3 Apr 2015 8 Telekinesis Is Real... Ok This Dd Maybe for Me and I'm Not Going Into Full Details of This Type of Dreas, but I Will Tell You What I Used to 'test' This Dd. if You Have a Apple or Android Devise, Download a Free App Called S1 views today
5 Apr 2015 1 This Devise Was Used by Ancient Egyptians to Record Important Events and Ceremonies, It Works Using a Potter Wheel and the Items Drawn Here. Works Very Similar to a Record Player, However Wet Clay Was Used Instead of Vinyl. the Important T1 views today
11 Apr 2015 1 Hillary Clinton withdraws From Presidential Race Due to 'health Issues' - Cancer Is Not the Issue, 1982 Is - 46613277 66132121 views today
21 Apr 2015 1 Nahum 1 :5-6 Diamonds From the Sky Are the Work of the Devil, Do Not Take From This Tree, Lago Chapo Lake Chapo, Murder 3 People Yogi Grocery Milk - Bread - Soda Lot Open 7 Dg? (Maybe Days)1 views today
22 Apr 2015 3 Largest Disturbance in the North atlantic Triggers the Katla Volcano, Largest Explosion Is Recorded History, 49 Hours, 4912 Hours, Tsunami Covers Uk (a Very Large Volcanic Explosion Destroys Iceland and the Tsunami Created Covers the Unit1 views today
25 Apr 2015 4 6614772 75th H.r.l.i .sturgis Bike Rally Leaves Over 40 Dead Inclulding Children ???1 views today
26 Apr 2015 1 I Moved This Around Little. * You Are Not Special * Your Family Is Not Special * the Human Body You're Looking Down on Is No More or No Less Important Than Any Other Creature in the Universe * 100 Years Ago and 100 Years From Now the1 views today
1 May 2015 2 Stock Tsn Buy with It Reaches $6.20 Sell on Mar 15th of 20171 views today
1 May 2015 5 the 3rd Major Earthquake in Hawaii Uncovers Billions of Dollars Worth of Rare Stones.1 views today
2 May 2015 1 Ibrahim Al-asiri's Home Address, on the Roof There Is This Water Tank, Yet Its Not Filled with Water...1 views today
4 May 2015 1 12 Years Alan Keyes Arrest Shocks Supporters - He Was Not Even There Yet He Is Still Being Charged?1 views today
4 May 2015 7 Ex Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Dies 2 Years and Days After He Announcement of Cancer (This Is Not the First Dd on This Issue)1 views today
5 May 2015 1 Jesus Is Real1 views today
5 May 2015 2 7 Days? (731) 287-8000 May 2015 Jesus Is Real Psalms 60 : 21 views today
5 May 2015 3 Went to Old Zion Church Philly 1 Day Before, Famous, 1326672, Age 54 161 views today
6 May 2015 1 A Plane Crash to Occur on May 9th, This Year1 views today
6 May 2015 3 These Lottery Numbers Are Good From May 8 to Jun 3rd of This Year (I Think)1 views today
7 May 2015 2 In 12 Days This Man Is Going to Do Something, and I Don't Have a Clue as to What.1 views today
7 May 2015 3 Laura Prepon Suicide Details1 views today
8 May 2015 1 Details About Man Caught in 7.7 Earthquake in Guatemala City1 views today
10 May 2015 1 Thumbnail Was Pulled Off Using This Devise...no Pain Though.1 views today
18 May 2015 1 Jews Oh Jews, Allah Has Gifted Us Killing Your Followers, Oh Jews You're Not Safe in America...(and So on, Isis Plans to attack Jewish People in the Us Are Exposed and Stopped Because of This Dd)1 views today
21 May 2015 1 God Is Not Dead, Emily 512 3033169 Proverbs 17 14 H B S 41 views today
28 May 2015 5 Warm Love Saint Louis True Love Amazing?1 views today
30 May 2015 2 Breaking News Event to Happen on Monday, Jun 1st 2015...other Details and Exact Times on the Dd Itself.1 views today
1 Jun 2015 2 31667762 ??? California Room ? Clint Eastwood , Can No Longer Hide the Truth1 views today
5 Jun 2015 1 A Fire This Tuesday Jun 9th, 2015, Very Sad Event / Earthquake on Jun 11th, This Year1 views today
10 Jun 2015 1 The California Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake (Pending) Will Be the Last Small Tremor Before the San Francisco Magnitude 9.2 Great Quake.1 views today
13 Jun 2015 3 Onob Otol Lottery 3 Days 3 13 37 38 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 3 ?? 1 3 4 9 1 3 49 5x Spain 1131 views today
14 Jun 2015 1 Richard Matt and David Sweat Case, Current Location of Richard Matt1 views today
16 Jun 2015 2 4 Lottery 2 Friday 8th 5 35 36 Kw T Shop West1 views today
19 Jun 2015 2 Richard Matt and David Sweat Case, Exact Location (They Are Underground in the Shelter Drawn in the Dd)1 views today
21 Jun 2015 3 Wanted Richard Matt and David Sweat Case, This Is a Sketch of the Police Officer Who Gave David the Disposable Phone From Walmart, Note the Phone Number. Per the Dd This Is Where They Are Now, and Again...the False Information Police Are G1 views today
26 Jun 2015 1 This Is a Sketch of the Killer, the Event Has Not Happened Yet, but When It Does, This Face Will Be Know by Millions (See Dd for More Info)1 views today
28 Jun 2015 3 Details of Yet Another Plane Crash on Jul 2nd of This Year, Details on Dd1 views today
30 Jun 2015 2 A Shooting in New Orleans on Jul 4th of This Year, It's More Than One and It Concerns a Very Serious Matter1 views today
9 Jul 2015 2 Train Derailment, Ll the Specifics Are on the Dd 8/2/2015 - This Event Happen About 7 Days Later1 views today
7 Jul 2015 5 Cia Russia Hacks Russian Dns Severs to attack, Stolen Path From?? In South Korea Going to Shut Down the Market and Airlines Julian Day of 1891 views today
1 Aug 2015 1 This Is the Shooter, Brown Pickup1 views today
1 Aug 2015 2 Helicopter Crash Murder1 views today
1 Aug 2015 3 This Is the Tail Number of a Small Plane Crash, Cessna 1721 views today
1 Aug 2015 4 Same Numbers Three Times 18 19 12 Boxes 22 43 30 21 views today
1 Aug 2015 5 More Details on the Helicopter Crash1 views today
2 Aug 2015 2 This Is the Part That Is the Cause of the Upcoming United Launch Alliance Explosion1 views today
2 Aug 2015 3 Winning Numbers for the Mega Millions and Powerball Lotteries for the Month of Aug 2015, 4's and 2's, Use the Same Pattern as Last Month to Play,1 views today
2 Aug 2015 4 This Is an Another Upcoming Train Derailment in the Usa and Is the 5th One Using This Derail-er (Painted Black) Same People Involved and as Always, Devise Is Removed After the Accident. Time Is Also Included on This Dd1 views today
3 Aug 2015 1 Lights Is4 Love Joy 37 Now ...not a Clue.1 views today
3 Aug 2015 2 I'm Not Sure About Any of This, I Was Taking Notes From God Is the Best Way I Can Explain This.1 views today
4 Aug 2015 1 An Unexpected Geomagnetic Storm Causes Minor Issues with 14 Gps Satellites but Months From Now, This Will Be the Reason for the Crash on Monday, Aug 10th 20151 views today
6 Aug 2015 2 376698 Poison Is on the Food, Body Has Reaction to ??? More Than Just a ? Born May the 2nd Day of the Year 1975 - Dies the Fourteenth Day of May 2016 012797225541 views today
10 Aug 2015 2 Hillary Clinton Rumors of Breast Cancer Denied, Yet This Is the Real Reason Why She Dropped Out of the Presidential Race, Not the 29 Top Secret Emails? Also Says the She Is Secretly Arrested by the Fbi, Time, Date and Names of the Fbi Of1 views today
11 Aug 2015 2 8622, Korean Letters, 2560 5011 862225605011 Japan Poison? Hai (These Numbers Were on a Dd Earlier This Week as Well)1 views today
12 Aug 2015 1 This Is a Warning That's Totally Being Ignored by the People Who Have the Power to Do Something About It...yet These Same People Know Very Well What's Happening and Moving Themselves and Family Members Right Now. a Poison Is Co1 views today
12 Aug 2015 3 Eels, Dead Eels Everywhere1 views today
12 Aug 2015 4 Poison Texas, East Turkey Movement, Poison, Can't Breath, No Air, Lies, 1737 Huntsman No Black Smoke, Beach (Terrorist attack on a Beach in Texas, Covered Up by Dhs)1 views today
14 Aug 2015 3 Old Sign, 36 and Surveyed Road in Canada, No Ice, Box 7 Is 12 1/2 Inches Wide, No Coins, No Gold, Priceless,? 12.7 K North West of Rivard Lake1 views today
14 Aug 2015 2 Not Good1 views today