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My ONLY SISTER, Christine died today - I love you  Play album slideshow

psychic brian ladd

My ONLY SISTER, Christine died today - I love you

December  Play album slideshow

psychic brian ladd

December Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

November Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

October Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

September Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

August Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

July Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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June Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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May Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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April Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

March Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

February Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer

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psychic brian ladd

January Dreams by Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer


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Most viewed dreams - 2015 DREAM JOURNAL
30 Sept 3 Books All Over 1.43 Miles South of Shelf Plane Crash. Books Wilth Williams2 views today
Brian S Dream Diary 20151 views today
18 Jan 2015 1 Since I'm No Longer Posting Terrorist Related Dd's (See News Section) I Have Blacked Out Any Details of Specific Dates / Times of Events. This Dd Concerns Upcoming Train Derailments in the Usa, These 2 Men Are One the Ones Res1 views today
19 Jan 2015 1 This Is a Health and Happiness Dream Cure and It's Based on the Iron in Your Blood and the Earths Magnetic Field. Since We Are Using Magnetic North (and This Changes) You Need a Compass. the Dd Is Simple, Sleep with You Head Pointe1 views today
20 Jan 2015 1 This Will Be a Famous Photo Taken by This Man, It's Shows Something Amazing That Happened Near Ground Zero of the Upcoming Indonesia Earthquake (See Past Dd's for More Details)1 views today
21 Jan 2015 2 Dupla 2 20 21 9 16 35 Sena Building School?1 views today
7 Feb 2015 1 Winning Powerball Lottery Numbers for Feb 2015 (in the Box) and Additional Details on the Winners)1 views today
6 May 2015 2 A House with Bodies in the Basement, Many Bodies1 views today
7 May 2015 1 Additional Details on What Is Hidden at the Beach in Praia Da Luz, Portugal. I Have Added the Search Maps From Previous Dd's, There Are Three Separate Locations Located About 10-20 Meters From Each Other. the Items Includes a T-shirt, P1 views today
8 May 2015 2 Ok...amazing Eventis Nuku Aboua Hiva Hadrth...????1 views today
9 May 2015 1 May 9th, 2015 New South Wales I Oz 16 1 7 8 36 4 Lottery 28 4 Days He Was in Victoria 73632600 Saturday May 16th 2015 603119 Largest Meth Lab in History? Outside Evansville Indiana Us Flag Left Window He Has a ? Road Rage ??aperson 3 Days Ke1 views today
10 May 2015 2 Thumbnail Was Pulled Off Using This Devise...no Pain Though.1 views today
25 Jul 2015 5 Ok, I Will Try and Explain This..try Not to Overanalyze It. We Are Not Suppose to Think in Human-taught Language... We Were Suppose to Think Like All Other Animal Species on Earth...in Visions, Smells and Emotions...never Words That Were C1 views today
7 Aug 2015 3 A Video of the Meteorite Flashing Across the Sky Becomes Very Popular on Youtube, Should Happen Next Week1 views today
15 Sept 2 New Gravity Shift, Crescent Moon, Crescent Moon Moon and Full Moon Great Quakes, Sept 20-24th 2015 California, 8.0 Japan 9.8 (the New Shift in the Moons Pull on the Earth (This Has Not Been Discovered Yet Because of Lack of Funding...1 views today
19 Sept 1 If You're Reading This Out Loud Translating From Programmed Human Speech...you're Insane. Read This Out Loud and Meditate on Why Your Soul Is Still Using Human's Past Aggressions and Insanity. Thought Was Meant to Free of Hi1 views today
12 Oct 1 Us Lottery Numbers for the Mega Millions and Powerball From Oct 14th to Oct 31st of 2015 Also Note the Pattern This Time Is in Reverse. 440979 1077 Star on Rope 771 Help Them - No Clue1 views today
5 Nov 1 This Dream Is Related to 6702 From the First of Nov 2015, I Wrote Down What I Could, but I Woke Up This Time So My Memory Faded Fast. To Sum It Up, Several More Terrorist Related Plane Crashes (3) and (6) attempted, Can All Be Traced Ba1 views today