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Most viewed dream drawings - 2015 DREAM JOURNAL
dream prediction number 6834 1 september 1 dreams brian ladd26 viewsa person who rarely plays the lottery matches all 6 numbers on Tuesday September 8th 2015 (not sure what lottery)
I will love you always Christine18 views
Christine Ladd, I will always love you, your brother Brian
dream prediction number 6515 20 april 2015 5 dreams brian ladd14 views4/20/15 - last nights dreams, not sure about any of these
dream prediction number 6425 23 march 2015 1 dreams brian ladd13 viewsnumbers
dream prediction number 6611 22 may 2015 1 dreams brian ladd13 viewsComcast exposes millions of customers to illegal porn and pirated media with their new Xfinity Dual Band Router, 3939? router. The hack, from China, basically bridges both 'dual band' routers together allowing anyone close to your home full access to all devises on your home network...this will happen in 27 days
dream prediction number 6984 22 october 3 dreams brian ladd13 viewsThese (6) dd's are from October 22nd to October 24th of 2015, not sure about the exact time, but all dd's are almost 100% copies of least weeks dreams so I do not need to translate. (sad, hate, rage and most important...racism!)
dream prediction number 6758 17 november 6 dreams brian ladd13 views
dream prediction number 6827 24 december 1 dreams brian ladd13 viewsok
dream prediction number 6263 19 january 2015 1 dreams brian ladd12 viewsThis is a health and happiness dream cure and it's based on the iron in your blood and the earths magnetic field. Since we are using magnetic north (and this changes) you need a compass. The DD is simple, sleep with you head pointed toward the degrees in this DD, it's based on sex and age.
dream prediction number 6363 22 february 2015 4 dreams brian ladd12 viewsThis is the 'very sad' person that did the shooting on March 23rd of this year
dream prediction number 6896 16 september 3 dreams brian ladd12 viewsI'm sorry, I don't know yet
dream prediction number 6706 2 november 4 dreams brian ladd12 viewsBarren Island, numbers, plane misses church?? and more numbers
dream prediction number 6712 6 november 1 dreams brian ladd12 viewsAccident happens when Goog (google) stock falls to exactly 498.26
dream prediction number 6487 8 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd11 viewsZerrin Sari 691172663 926631 Al Fres Hotel Damascus Syria, can't see left eye
dream prediction number 6707 30 june 2015 1 dreams brian ladd11 viewsteens deface The Cave of the Patriarchs, Yosef Garfinkel killed....
dream prediction number 6286 29 january 2015 1 dreams brian ladd10 views1014 1.2 feet, in this was is the letter, the demons are real, burn holes, flexeril, fulton, death in 6 days, 2015 holes in the walls, she left las wishes in walls!! (770) 754, patrick, save her
dream prediction number 6407 15 march 2015 1 dreams brian ladd10 viewsStock Picks (use at own risk, and I do not own these or any stocks and do not know anyone who does)
dream prediction number 6500 13 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd10 views3 weeks before the founder of Scientology (L.R.H. L Ron Hubbard) physical body died, he had his 'box of secrets' buried at the grid on this dd, on April 4th of this year the box was discovered. Here is the map, although I don't think its needed the dream did come true. (see appropriate section of this site)
dream prediction number 6899 17 september 3 dreams brian ladd10 viewsfarmington hills Michigan 1/4 miles from road buried 613 lake shore
dream prediction number 6431 27 march 2015 1 dreams brian ladd9 views(request, these are the lowest the following companies stock prices will fall after 'the event')

Apple $11.52 Goggle 44.4 Priceline 29.8 Mastercard 63.1 (I do not own any stock, nor do I know anyone who does)

Worlds best mother Casey Anthony dies in a car crash, it will be murder and the numbers on this DD are related to the kille
dream prediction number 6465 2 april 2015 4 dreams brian ladd9 viewsShin Bet John Hagee death was murder 76113
dream prediction number 6548 29 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd9 viewsI was not happy in this dream at all, very scary
dream prediction number 6652 8 june 2015 2 dreams brian ladd9 views211 pm 615 710 new york aquarium niv white truck 661316 2177 water giant fish killed
dream prediction number 6686 19 june 2015 1 dreams brian ladd9 views37661 92 376 keeps ???? Molly Norris did not hang herself
dream prediction number 6740 25 july 2015 3 dreams brian ladd9 viewsdoctor confirms life was saved, Red Cross new donation tracking app increases donations by 2500%, can tell when someone's life was saved by the donor (a new way of tracking blood donations...all the way to it's source. a doctor confirms if the blood given by a donor was not present, the patient would have died, a notification is sent to the donor. GIVE BLOOD ANYWAY)
Missing Person Maura Murray dream number 6913 24 september 1 by psychic brian ladd9 viewsThis was a public request from...well I'm really not sure who. It took me most of today to translate the most important part of some 16 plus dream drawings. I'm sad to say I do not think Maura Murray is still alive, but these is always hope and my dream are wrong more then they are right.

Most of the DD's describe what happened...I will not be posting these, I'm only posting an answer to the question I was asked, Maura's location. Something really bothered my here, and I think several members of the local police department have some thing they might want to get off their chest.
dream prediction number 6713 6 november 2 dreams brian ladd9 viewsRussian Red KGB pin found in plane wreckage, KING CCCP (no, it's not a Tomorrowland pin) this same pin has been found on the ground at 3 separate plane crashes, MH17 over Ukraine, El Al Flight 7 over Israel and Metrojet flight over Egypt oddly flight, all pins seems to be free of any damage.
dream prediction number 6292 31 january 2015 3 dreams brian ladd8 viewsleader cancels trip to Moscow yet he still dies, Kim Jong-Un dies of Po 84 in Russia, KGB had nothing to do with it, the CIA and Mr. John-Un's family made it happen.
dream prediction number 6372 24 february 2015 3 dreams brian ladd8 viewsgutters, next month UK 6? (not a clue)
dream prediction number 6394 10 march 2015 3 dreams brian ladd8 views8882253 322 ALERT - BREAKING NEWS - E blast does not look? 15 miles SW of Kiev (upcoming 'suitcase' nuke in Ukraine, this will happen 7 days after the death of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, DC bomb will follow 3 days later...see dozens of past DD for more details)
dream prediction number 6463 2 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd~08 viewsthese are buy points for engery stocks (request)
dream prediction number 6665 12 june 2015 1 dreams brian ladd8 viewsKuro cures mad cow 100%
dream prediction number 6706 29 june 2015 2 dreams brian ladd8 viewsThis is going to be a very large event and should happen soon. A huge circular patch of ocean suddenly changes temperature...and it has nothing to do with global warming or any other thing on this earth
dream prediction number 6716 3 july 2015 1 dreams brian ladd8 viewsThis is about missing child Madeleine McCann and there is really no need to translate this stuff anther one really cares anymore'
dream prediction number 6786 14 august 2015 1 dreams brian ladd8 viewsmalie 65317 mag 9.6 earthquake --- not sure
dream prediction number 6873 10 september 3 dreams brian ladd8 viewsA very bad thing is going to happen on Saturday September 12th 2015, full details on the DD
dream prediction number 6889 13 september 4 dreams brian ladd8 views11163201 t17 Sept 21 huentequen boxes homes seashore
Michelle Bachelet dies in reconstruction project 21 days, Michael J
Foxes death was not suicide, Estadio Valparaiso love
dream prediction number 6710 5 november 1 dreams brian ladd8 viewsThis dream is related to 6702 from the first of November 2015, I wrote down what I could, but I woke up this time so my memory faded fast. To sum it up, several more terrorist related plane crashes (3) and (6) attempted, can all be traced back to the old Russian KGB, and the countries leader knows exactly what is going on. Not sure if these 'false flag' operations will really convince the Russian People to go to war with Israel and The United States, but I know that the deaths of innocent people does not need to happen. The real reason for these events is someone ego and a uncompleted bucket list. (reminds me of an American President) Per past dd's in 2014 and this year, Vladimir Putin's insanity stated when he found out he was dyeing, with his mental illness growing worse everyday, and he does not care what happens to most of the world. Mr Putin does hover care for his inner circle and family, this can again proven by Flight 9268. 3 Russian and one Israeli (under cover KGB) 'would be' passengers on that flight canceled just days before the crash...why? The KGB is using old school liquid explosives that can be traced back to a 'Vladimir Kozlov' and well as 2 other people mentioned in past dd's.
dream prediction number 6262 18 january 2015 1 dreams brian ladd7 viewsSince I'm no longer posting terrorist related DD's (see news section) I have blacked out any details of specific dates / times of events. This DD concerns upcoming train derailments in the USA, these 2 men are one the ones responsible and they are using fabricated metal parts at this machine shop. The plans are from actual devises that are intended to derail trains (yes they actually sell such devises) The rest of the DD is about the upcoming American Airlines crash.
dream prediction number 6344 18 february 2015 1 dreams brian ladd7 views'CNN can confirm that Petro Poroshenko was involved in the crash' I do not this is related to the death of Vladimir Putin (dd from a few months ago)

Random dream drawings - 2015 DREAM JOURNAL
dream prediction number 6982 22 october 1 dreams brian laddThese (6) dd's are from October 22nd to October 24th of 2015, not sure about the exact time, but all dd's are almost 100% copies of least weeks dreams so I do not need to translate. (sad, hate, rage and most important...racism!)
dream prediction number 6739 13 november 1 dreams brian laddNext weeks Mega Millions Lottery is as simple as 1, 2 3 (next week being November 15th...tomorrow)
dream prediction number 6292 31 january 2015 3 dreams brian laddleader cancels trip to Moscow yet he still dies, Kim Jong-Un dies of Po 84 in Russia, KGB had nothing to do with it, the CIA and Mr. John-Un's family made it happen.
dream prediction number 6251 13 january 2015 4 dreams brian laddchildren death camp outside 22 Ebola virus spreads beyond lab at camp 22 in North Korea, China admits it has been working with the DPRK (North Korea) to fine a cure. (from what I saw in this dream, they are not trying to find a cure)
dream prediction number 6415 18 march 2015 1 dreams brian laddpenny stock list, and I do not own stocks (at all) nor do I know anyone who does. a man named Wolfgang Marn dies and has a funeral on Friday, the 27 of March (not sure of the year
dream prediction number 6289 30 january 2015 2 dreams brian laddthis is a weight loss drink that blocks fat from being digested by the body, it's important that you use spring water for this, and as always ask a doctor before trying anything your not sure of.
dream prediction number 6467 2 april 2015 6 dreams brian laddEx Apple Founder (Steve Jobs..I think) current home address.
dream prediction number 6733 11 november 2 dreams brian laddRussian KGB TT-30 pistols given to IS, not sold, by Russian ??? Qasim al-Raymi Tulle 12 aout 1951 12 aout 2016, Al-Qaeda Yemen, red triangle scarlet.
dream prediction number 6454 30 march 2015 8 dreams brian laddsame as last night, will try and translate later
dream prediction number 6691 21 june 2015 1 dreams brian ladddetails of the 4th terrorist-related train derailment next week
dream prediction number 6477 5 april 2015 1 dreams brian laddThis devise was used by Ancient Egyptians to record important events and ceremonies, it works using a potter wheel and the items drawn here. Works very similar to a record player, however wet clay was used instead of vinyl. The important thing to take for this DD is that pottery that period, is still playable using today's technology. Right now, we can listen to the past.
dream prediction number 6465 2 april 2015 4 dreams brian ladd~0Shin Bet John Hagee death was murder 76113
dream prediction number 6334 16 february 2015 4 dreams brian laddthe cave is full of gold, dream is real, remember (this is not for me)
dream prediction number 6453 30 march 2015 7 dreams brian ladd
dream prediction number 6891 15 september 1 dreams brian laddeleihc god It could have been much worse, thank God Mario Bergoglio, do not go, plane will explode, travel??
dream prediction number 6830 24 december 4 dreams brian laddWelcome to Julia Creek Gate ?? Enjoy your stay? numbers, metal box in the air, red?
dream prediction number 6617 25 may 2015 1 dreams brian laddWinning Lottery Numbers for May, June and July of 2015 for a Australian Lottery (public request) Winning Lottery Numbers for May, June and July of 2015 for a UK Lottery (public request)
dream prediction number 6406 14 march 2015 2 dreams brian ladddetails of a massive mudslide
dream prediction number 6463 2 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd~0these are buy points for engery stocks (request)
dream prediction number 6480 6 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd
dream prediction number 6426 23 march 2015 2 dreams brian laddmore numbers and a very large fire
dream prediction number 6267 21 january 2015 1 dreams brian laddChina arrests over 5,000 people illegal VPN uses for using the web? Beijing ??? 12vpn they were not hacker, 37 family members killed for protesting??? basically China kills innocent people for standing up for their rights to use the Internet (I think)
dream prediction number 6893 15 september 3 dreams brian ladd I know when the Rapture will happen ( when?)
dream prediction number 6578 6 may 2015 3 dreams brian ladd these lottery numbers are good from May 8 to June 3rd of this year (I think)
dream prediction number 6873 10 september 3 dreams brian laddA very bad thing is going to happen on Saturday September 12th 2015, full details on the DD
dream prediction number 6987 26 october 1 dreams brian laddActor Morgan Freeman arrested over a fake TOR account linked to a 'mob hit man' in New York City, there is a locker box in NYC that will free him.
dream prediction number 6863 7 september 4 dreams brian ladd3 miles neweon aug (august) 117 Pine Knoll Park new ton Aug 137 Oakland cale (California)
dream prediction number 6694 22 june 2015 1 dreams brian laddMagdalane's secret makes Tony kill. 4131172 he lives in bath gate? 1501734404 yule terrance, speedway 'dreams kill'
dream prediction number 6895 16 september 2 dreams brian laddJacob MTBH 5th day of June year of our lord 1989 died November 29th 2015 H52
dream prediction number 6461 1 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladddetails of a fire on April
dream prediction number 6268 21 january 2015 2 dreams brian laddDupla 2 20 21 9 16 35 sena building school?
dream prediction number 6941 6 october 2 dreams brian ladd
dream prediction number 6460 1 april 2015 1 dreams brian laddPresident Goodluck killed, Nigeria 17663-33 (this is referring too Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, who was the president of Nigeria)
dream prediction number 6715 6 november 4 dreams brian ladd01 443? 277-3771 reports are wrong? dot 011763711 new oil ethanol, dot 1170 2088113711 443 277-3771 poison in water, new oil, no test for it? more numbers (this is just a repeat of DD6996 from October 30th, 2015 - see that dd for more details)
dream prediction number 6961 16 october 3 dreams brian laddGarfield dies, bible letters, not too late (Garfield cannot least the one I'm thinking about) fire, doors
dream prediction number 6770 9 august 2015 2 dreams brian laddOctober 31 210 2876514 210 6514 61 fire, man that ?? church, burns church, kills 12 people
dream prediction number 6831 31 august 2015 5 dreams brian ladd487118 36298 lid closed cracked laptop screen, you need to see what's next, danger and death September 29th 2015 487113 36298
dream prediction number 6662 11 june 2015 4 dreams brian laddRichard Matt and David Sweat - they know about police media disinformation plan, this is the officer involved (this is about the escaped inmates from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY and matches the other 3 dd's. Basically the fake information about the case that's being given to local media is already know by the 2 men that escaped because the police officer on this DD is involved)
dream prediction number 6290 31 january 2015 1 dreams brian laddworking on this one