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30 Sept 3 Books All Over 1.43 Miles South of Shelf Plane Crash. Books Wilth Williams
30 Sept 2 Go to His Past Home, Behind the Trash Is Something Police Need to See, He Is Not Alone , Logs Are Everywhere, Sel Rio Road
30 Sept 1 Lottery for Oct 3rd, Patter 3 5 7 2 3 2 1 11 5
29 Sept 2 Earthquake Dd's...again...which I No Longer Trust.
29 Sept 1 Xg 4637 Sat. Images Show Massive Unmarked Graves and Hidden Crematorium 100k E? Of Styagly
28 Sept 2 This Is the Same Dream
28 Sept 1 Jesus Is Coming Our Father in Heaven Hallowed Be Your Name, Your Kingdom...not Really Sure, This Was Not a Good Dream.
27 Sept 1 Day After Blood Moon Jesus 2nd Sign 29th of This Sept Acts 2:20 Brian Show Them Psalm 118:12 (405) 364-4051 Jesus Is Coming on the 15th of Oct 2015 11:01 Am Mark 13:8 - Tell Them 30th Sept 2015 Water Fire Quake, 4th Sign
26 Sept 2 Top Secret Gravity 'gps' System Plan and Specs Posted on Wikileaks
26 Sept 1 More Death Stuff
24 Sept 4 More About Ex Korean Leader Kim Jon-un and Vladimir Putin's Death - Very Little Detail Here, Sorry
24 Sept 3 A Very Sad and Deadly Vehicle Crash, Plate Number on Dd and Other Info, Happened on 9/29/15, I Do Not Know the Time Yet...
24 Sept 2 Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall, Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall, Brad Johnson Killed Kim (Brad Johnson Did Not Write This, So I Have No Ide
Missing Person Maura Murray Dream Number 6913 24 Sept 1 by Brian This Was a Public Request From...well I'm Really Not Sure Who. It Took Me Most of Today to Translate the Most Important Part of Some 16 Plus Dream Drawings. I'm Sad to Say I
23 Sept 3 Gu66298 Kim Dies in Hands of Killers 1713 Do Not Go (405)680-3400
23 Sept 2 12 Members of Mohammed Al Issa Family Killed -- New Irgun (Was a Real Group in Israel) King Salma's Assassination Was Not Related to Pope Francis Accident (Almost All the Information on This Dd Has Come Up Several Times Last Year)
23 Sept 1 Lake Minatare Revels a Wonderful Secret, Stop Digging Now, These Fossils Are Just the Tip of the Ice Burg
22 Sept 6 Police Are withholding and Item Found 19 34 1934028320, Kancamagus Highway, Body Found Near Hairpin Turn, Ex Police Officer Arrested in 7 Missing Person Cases (a Unknown Serial Killer Is Caught on Mar 17th 2016)
22 Sept 5 A Mother Kills Her Child on Sept 30th 2015 (Other Details on the Dd, I'm Not Going to Translated All of Last Nights Dreams, as They Were Something I Do Not Wish to Experience Again)
22 Sept 2 Drinking Tea From a Clear Glass Instead of a Mug Has Increased Health Benefits That Go Beyond Understanding. Don't Ask Why, Do It
22 Sept 1 Friend and Investor Is the Reason Why Kim Died 15, in Us Custody, Special Agent Kevin D??? Not a Heart attack 174394522 364394051 Nyc La 417
Winning Lottery Number Predictons for Euromillions and the Uk National Lottery From Apr 2015 Brian Ladd Dreams 2 Uk National Lottery and Euromillons - Since Apr 2015 I Urge Anyone Interested in the Number of Correct Prediction for Theses 2 Lotteries
Winning Lottery Number Predictons for Euromillions and the Uk National Lottery From Apr 2015 Brian Ladd Dreams 1 Uk National Lottery and Euromillons - Since Apr 2015 I Urge Anyone Interested in the Number of Correct Prediction for Theses 2 Lotteries
22 Sept 4 Another Train Derailment, Using the Same Devise the Same Person Is Responsible
22 Sept 3 Donald Trump (Us Presidential Candidate) Is Setup Using Special Software, Faking Several Audio Recordings with Him Using the 'n Word' Other Details on the Dd
19 Sept 2 11632 Investor Betrays Vestor Over a Us Reward That Will Never Be Paid - Look Back at the Property - Us Buried the Evidence on the?? (These Are Ip Addresses)
19 Sept 1 If You're Reading This Out Loud Translating From Programmed Human Speech...you're Insane. Read This Out Loud and Meditate on Why Your Soul Is Still Using Human's Past Aggressions and Insanity. Thought Was Meant to Free of Hi
Powerball and Megamillions Lottery Winning Numbers May to Sept 2015 Power Ball and Mega Millions Lottery Correct Predictions From 2015...so Far. (There Are with All the Numbers Correct)
18 Sept 2 Sept 23rd 2015 34.4 North 118. West - Swarms, Before Blood Moon (More of the Same Stuff, Same Times...soon, Please Be Cautious and Remember That Earthquake Deaths Are a Man Made Event, if You Can Be...aware of the Structure You'r
18 Sept 1 Man Killed Over Fake Shipment of Plastic Beads? 9/13/16 Abalkhail Waleed While Visiting the Usa
17 Sept 3 Farmington Hills Michigan 1/4 Miles From Road Buried 613 Lake Shore
17 Sept 2 Blood Moon Quakes, Swarms After Othre ?? (Ok, Even More Quakes...the Eq Watch End Date Date Is Now Sept 29th)
17 Sept 1 Arbor ? Cables Cut in the Medtraiiian, Not I.s., Cut by the Cia
16 Sept 3 I'm Sorry, I Don't Know Yet
16 Sept 2 Jacob Mtbh 5th Day of Jun Year of Our Lord 1989 Died Nov 29th 2015 H52
16 Sept 1 Same Dream, New Led Light Bulbs Flashing After Being Turned Off, This Happens a Few Weeks Before the Fire
15 Sept 3 I Know When the Rapture Will Happen (Great...so When?)
15 Sept 2 New Gravity Shift, Crescent Moon, Crescent Moon Moon and Full Moon Great Quakes, Sept 20-24th 2015 California, 8.0 Japan 9.8 (the New Shift in the Moons Pull on the Earth (This Has Not Been Discovered Yet Because of Lack of Funding...
15 Sept 1 Eleihc God It Could Have Been Much Worse, Thank God Mario Bergoglio, Do Not Go, Plane Will Explode, Travel??
14 Sept 1 Lights in the Sky 7763112 La Moneda Palace Funeral 11163
13 Sept 4 11163201 T17 Sept 21 Huentequen Boxes Homes Seashore Michelle Bachelet Dies in Reconstruction Project 21 Days, Michael J Foxes Death Was Not Suicide, Estadio Valparaiso Love
12 Sept 5 De-railer, 661372811 Dhs Cover Up Sept 2015 Factory, Church of? Another Derailment in the Usa with the Same Derailing Devise...more Details on the Dd
12 Sept 4 Spouse Abuse Why 46137 Police Office 7754636600 a 124, He Has Killed 17 People, Do Not Shoot
12 Sept 3 9/13/1937 Wrong 9/17/2016 4601555 Rajhi Talk to God Never Eat Alone....ok
12 Sept 2 37053.32.9 122 28 209 Robin Williams - Susan Schneider Home, He Has the Photos (Putting a Copy of This in the Appropriate Section)
12 Sept 1 Nothing New Here, Location of Human Remains on the Beach, Praia Da Luz Portugal
11 Sept 4 Tower, Eye Problem, Az Shooter 4469811821
11 Sept 3 Oscar Munoz 276 G? 7793 Family Crime Paid Shooter Plane Crash (This Is Almost an Exacy Copy of Dd 6861 From the 7th of This Month, All the Numbers Are the Same Too)
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