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dream prediction number 6554 30 april 2015 3 dreams brian ladd1 views todayAliko Dangote is executed on a live stream (assuming this is the website and this is a rea person) other details posted on the DD
dream prediction number 6553 30 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd0 views todaytoxic plastic cloud affects millions of people in the UK in 2 days, details posted on DD
dream prediction number 6552 30 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd1 views todaymassive recall Sam's Club, taylor farms, open refrigeration ecoli, salinas
dream prediction number 6551 29 april 2015 4 dreams brian ladd0 views today2 nuclear power plants, Metsamor (real) Salem (real, in the US) have major accidents caused by the same power boxes.
dream prediction number 6550 29 april 2015 3 dreams brian ladd0 views todayWinning EuroMillons Lottery numbers for May 2015
dream prediction number 6549 29 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd0 views todayVictory Day Russian Church
dream prediction number 6548 29 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd0 views todayI was not happy in this dream at all, very scary
dream prediction number 6547 28 april 2015 6 dreams brian ladd1 views todayhacker K.I.C.I shuts down banking sites stealing millions of people's personal data, yet banks deny this id theft (this weekend)
dream prediction number 6546 28 april 2015 5 dreams brian ladd0 views todaythe massive fire that happened on May 1st of this year was done by the 3 teens on this dd, other details on the dd
dream prediction number 6545 28 april 2015 4 dreams brian ladd0 views today4 23 31 32 29 35 17 77 hours RS U 13
dream prediction number 6544 28 april 2015 3 dreams brian ladd0 views todayno fear lake ray roberts 3 days 152 N 361 3 daysplane near slrittmatter
dream prediction number 6543 28 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd1 views todayFriday May 1st school shooting , other details on the dd
dream prediction number 6542 28 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd1 views todayLlanquile diamonds, lake from the sky, 3 days small mid Atlantic earthquake 4516 miles away triggers surprise eruption of calbuco on April 30th, this triggers Kalta 47 days later, Iceland explosion Tsunami wave covers Ireland the UK and Sweden (same dream as last week)
dream prediction number 6539 26 april 2015 4 dreams brian ladd0 views todayDUPONT AVE 1 day, 21215

plane crash on May 1st 2015 with tail number
dream prediction number 6538 26 april 2015 3 dreams brian ladd0 views todaycyber tribe church

4 day mara 66213766 salvatruchia balitmore 26 contract killer cherry hill jorery
dream prediction number 6537 26 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd0 views todayfamous photo cile

Stephanie Rawlings Blake
dream prediction number 6536 26 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd0 views todayI moved this around little.

* you are not special
* your family is not special
* the human body you're looking down on is no more or no less important than any other creature in the universe
* 100 years ago and 100 years from NOW the body you think is YOU will be dead (you have been dead before and it DID NOY HURT)
* stop basing your life choices on the fear of death, death is NOT real.
* the secret is, and always has been survival
* loose the self and rejoin the universe
* let go...you're missing out on so much love.

understanding this? then go here tonight


IF you cannot touch, feel or taste it, it makes no difference if its real or not.

Go blind for one entire day, and you'll see differently for life
dream prediction number 6541 27 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd0 views todayBLU WAT 207 646 AC 5559 HUCKLL
dream prediction number 6540 27 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd0 views todayboat? Eliot Spitzer too late west s
dream prediction number 6535 25 april 2015 6 dreams brian ladd0 views todayampang explosions kill dozens Kuala Lumpur 7 days later 62
dream prediction number 6534 25 april 2015 5 dreams brian ladd0 views todayblue gem enterprise stock hits 22.6
dream prediction number 6533 25 april 2015 4 dreams brian ladd0 views today6614772 75th H.R.L.I .Sturgis Bike Rally leaves over 40 dead inclulding children ???
dream prediction number 6532 25 april 2015 3 dreams brian ladd0 views todayNYC, wave of car bombs (bombing) California, Texas and Florida are from the same NYC terror cell off 81st?
dream prediction number 6531 25 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd0 views todayThis is a UFO over Texas and then Mexico
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