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dream prediction number 6331 16 february 2015 1 dreams brian ladd14 views today76211711398 1123 1129 she is here
dream prediction number 6333 16 february 2015 3 dreams brian ladd14 views todaybreaking news Wednesday 25th of February 2015. still alive, help him, grid??? they are wrong, save him
dream prediction number 6342 17 february 2015 7 dreams brian ladd14 views todayThese are winning 'lottery pool' numbers for March, 2015 by Astrology signs, to play pick your numbers from the DD that pertains to you, pick the amount of numbers you need for any lottery you wish but pick quickly, with no thinking.
dream prediction number 6343 17 february 2015 8 dreams brian ladd14 views todayThis DD by request is for SLOT MACHINES only and applies only for the month of March 2015. To use this, select your sign and copy down the 3 digit number. When going to a casino (ANY CASINO) you will need to find a machine that has your 3 digit code, this can be anywhere on the machine (example: serial number) but you need to make sure the numbers are in order.
dream prediction number 6345 18 february 2015 2 dreams brian ladd14 views today2015 assassination attempt Putin, CIA failed, already dead 13712 6621137 9986647 (related to last DD)
dream prediction number 6346 18 february 2015 3 dreams brian ladd14 views today117553211 - check your software, it's fake, virus is sending your bank data to Russia (yeah)
dream prediction number 6351 19 february 2015 1 dreams brian ladd14 views todayMarch 2nd 2015 76132 91 84461 76132984461 RS Williams (not a good scan on this one so I have included the audio)
dream prediction number 6352 20 february 2015 1 dreams brian ladd14 views todayThe CIA did not find 'suit case nukes' on laptop, (terrorism related so will keep it short) to the 2 nuclear explosions this year in Ukraine and Washington DC...Ramzan Kadyrov (real person) will die just 4 days before Russian President Vladimir Putin is murdered. (see past dds)
dream prediction number 6356 21 february 2015 1 dreams brian ladd14 views todaytilted TV and PC software / hardware sweeps the world
dream prediction number 6389 7 march 2015 2 dreams brian ladd14 views today7 mile March 14th 2015 cars upside down, Jean Weber S?? , bus 658127
dream prediction number 6392 10 march 2015 1 dreams brian ladd14 views todayUS tracks all persons, March only 5 airports, leaked information, the WHO confirms the Ebola virus has mutated to airborne, did not want to start a panic (basically the virus is much worse and certain information is being withheld to prevent a panic)
dream prediction number 6393 10 march 2015 2 dreams brian ladd14 views today20 50 chegou a hora de sua fortuna, Galeria do Rock 35 52 av sao joao 4 Brazil town March 13 2015
dream prediction number 6402 12 march 2015 3 dreams brian ladd14 views todayNorth Korea launches an ICBM (see date and details on dd) it's Russian made and the US Government knows all about it.
dream prediction number 6414 17 march 2015 5 dreams brian ladd14 views todayYabroud Syria 6 days
dream prediction number 6423 22 march 2015 3 dreams brian ladd14 views todayThe murder of Jessie Jackson Jr this year
dream prediction number 6430 26 march 2015 1 dreams brian ladd14 views todayunderwater disaster
dream prediction number 6437 28 march 2015 3 dreams brian ladd14 views todayLine, Michele Orr 66274 Inside Perons, Pellerin, he has called before, do noy let him take you there, line
dream prediction number 6439 28 march 2015 5 dreams brian ladd14 views todayDale, 27 ?? Dale THomas, even though the accident will never ??? lasting marks, the money is for your pain? John HIll, HL ??????
dream prediction number 6381 1 march 2015 1 dreams brian ladd~014 views today3/29/15 Very odd sort of dreams last night, all I think were wonderful...and that's all I know right now. Will translate if I can later today.
dream prediction number 6449 30 march 2015 3 dreams brian ladd14 views todaysame as last night, will try and translate later
dream prediction number 6461 1 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd14 views todaydetails of a fire on April
dream prediction number 6463 2 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd14 views todaythese are buy points for engery stocks (request)
dream prediction number 6476 4 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd14 views todaySeveral more DD's about missing child Madeleine McCann, I have moved all related material on this issue to briansdreams.com/madeleine

This is important, and if you're able to help, please do. Someone needs to contact authorities in Praia da Luz Portugal asked them to please search the area marked on the beach again. A metal detector will work, as there is a belt buckle at the same location. They will do nothing if this information comes from a psychic, so I need to find another way to get them to look again. (FIY there still is a £2.5M reward)
dream prediction number 6478 5 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd14 views todayApril 2015 Haverhill Massachusetts fire (this man is going to start a rather large fire in the town of Haverhill (real town) next week or possible the week after.))
dream prediction number 6510 19 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd14 views today4/20/15 - last nights dreams, not sure about any of these
dream prediction number 6518 21 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd14 views todayNahum 1 :5-6 diamonds from the sky are the work of the devil, do not take from this tree, lago chapo lake chapo, murder 3 people YOGI GROCERY MILK - BREAD - SODA LOT OPEN 7 dg? (maybe days)
dream prediction number 6521 22 april 2015 3 dreams brian ladd14 views todaylargest disturbance in the north Atlantic triggers the Katla Volcano, largest explosion is recorded history, 49 hours, 4912 hours, Tsunami covers UK (a very large volcanic explosion destroys Iceland and the tsunami created covers The United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden at 6:16 AM on the date below.
dream prediction number 6533 25 april 2015 4 dreams brian ladd14 views today6614772 75th H.R.L.I .Sturgis Bike Rally leaves over 40 dead inclulding children ???
dream prediction number 6555 1 may 2015 1 dreams brian ladd14 views todayMore details of the Russian military actions prior to the nuclear detonations, times are local and plane tail numbers are also included. This is to start after 'Victory Day'
dream prediction number 6560 1 may 2015 6 dreams brian ladd14 views todayJesse Venture is murdered, this is the ex-professional wrestler (almost 100% sure)
dream prediction number 6561 2 may 2015 1 dreams brian ladd14 views todayIbrahim al-Asiri's home address, on the roof there is this water tank, yet its not filled with water...
dream prediction number 6572 4 may 2015 7 dreams brian ladd14 views todayex Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dies 2 years and days after he announcement of cancer (this is not the first dd on this issue)
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