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Most viewed - 2014 DREAM JOURNAL
2 views todayfire ??? inside 4 5 7 14711 H w???? here bufflo
2 views today23 people are going to die over inaccurate knowledge DOS attack did not come from china, they paid lutzser - 27 days 71 51 41,
2 views todaythe dow event center
2 views todayin folder 649 ridgelang 4145 Richard J. Asen connected to child porn ring, 8:27 AM June 27 --- he had cancer, 117 4 Phil Bryant involved, hard drive recovered 6,000 ??? underage photos, MM suicide was a warning im sorry
2 views today62 hours bakersfield small quake marks new data chain
2 views todaySidney Poitier dies
2 views todayAlien, near 206 337-6156 Marion Barry dies of heart attack July 3rd 2015 hospital lies, blood, 27, aliens 979 crash 30 hours 22 ?? 6327 red T-shirt blue dc
2 views todayLisa Marie Presley dies, Michael arrested at Centinola Vally High School
2 views todayLottery August 10th 2014 Fantasy 5 CA 3,4,9,14,16 August 12th? 3,7,8, 1 day

To all of our youth, you are killing one another, you have put the KKK and the, some of the currupt police out of?, business. You don't own any blod??, Terretory hoods STOP

murder KICrr. 1 93 (888) 276-6760 12 days west

supermoon earthquake does not happen until 37 hours later 17th Aug?
2 views todaypick 3 5 days 3,5,2 2,6,7 August 13th

Frank Ancona was killed by Steve Jenson - not gang related August 26th 2014 43 set up KKK

Terry Stuart Love
2 views todaylove warmth, he really did bury his 'box of treasures' location 37 degrees 53.32.9 North 122 degrees 28.20.9 West, bruise and mark, gold circle files, 463-1 463-2, the box is private
2 views todayR 779146 fire August 15th 2105
2 views todayHoover Road, wexten cross timben? Texas
2 views todayGovernor Jay Nixon resigns just 3 days after Wikileaks confirms? they are going to release copy of his private cell phone conversations. He used the 'N' word 12 times during one call. Mr. Nixon says his leaving was family related IP, not placeraider.
2 views todayRussia ATBIP bombs explodes over West Point, Russia says CIA was involved. (this may not be coming from universal consciousness, as I was thinking about a friend in the Army who went there)
2 views todayAseel Muthana, missing man in Syria found working in 'drug den' with 4 other missing men. James Foley is allowed to keep journal for book, fake v. se 611 Kurd-Dash 9/11. September 11, 911
2 views todayMegaMillions september 2014 4 3 2 2 5 9 6 3 1 4
2 views todaybreaking news September 5th 2014, Friday 3 miles se of lake 6321176, 491??
2 views todaylove, warmth, mailbox 901 2447971 go to Elvis Presley, she was with him last week, look at face book??
2 views todayHannah Graham, police are involved and will help, maple ridge, the items police have are not what they think, - this was a request and will open a mp case for this now.
2 views todaytrain accident October ?? 61 3721 66611?
2 views todaymore Ebola stuff...I'm trying my best not to have such dreams.
2 views today663-11762 7 days W.C. This is the man who is putting poison in kids Halloween masks, tube, ba? drug kit, 6132 7121 R.G. age 59 1 day boxes, crash truck driver, 6 AM Robert, Linda going to tunnel, WIND LOW, (800) 687-8600, ST C., X2 1 DAY 14 6 21 23 22 37 Japan IT
2 views todayWilliam Shatner dies from infection after surgery, the cause was fake antibiotics - death causes JNJ (stock) to fall to 4.37 a share
2 views todayLarry Flynt dies of smoke inhalation in 'hidden safe room' Was not an accident, was an ex-con from Folsom State 7-415 613-22
2 views todayleaving your shoes on until bedtime increases weight loss diets by 20%
2 views todayman runs people over at church - 3 days - sao paulo thais, lives rua espirito in Santos Brazil, colosao an? Saint, Gabriel 55 Mathecs? November 10th 2014
2 views todayMakers of Monster Energy drink recall their product due to tampering, but it has nothing to do with the 'new poison' that's causing the death of hundreds of people. I'm pretty sure someone in the company has an idea their product is causing deaths, but since people are dying from an unknown poison, the deaths are not linked to the Monster's makers
2 views todaythis is a car crash to happen in a few days, many details yet no memory now...from what I know in the past, a death will happen...oddly enough, death most of the time is a wonderful, warmth feeling of amazing love and energy..no words can really describe it.
2 views todayThis is a 7 page invention DD - Complete instructions on how to build a 98% energy usage diesel motor, the entire 7 page dream sketch is posted in my invention section.
2 views todayBotulism Toxin Lab in Syria (location) people are getting sick, this is the man who can stop it (A Jewish Man is running this lab in Syria) white crystals, FAA cover up ??? NYC LAX. Basically same dream from October of this year, a Jewish man is working for Terrorists in making Botulism weapons that have been making people sick for the past few months. Sadly I think the US and Israeli Governments already know this. Map of lab - bottom right
2 views today41 missile test? Friday December 18th major announcement from North Korea, test? nuclear war??
2 views todayhe works here - nuclear meltdown was not an accident
2 views todayBill Cosby hospitalized, 1216, dies at home just 2 days before his birthday 8002738255 41622
2 views todayDetroit Oregon new capital of white truffles
2 views todayDetails of a commercial American Airlines crash next year, the reason for the crash was an electrical fire and the junction box mention on the DD, the crash will not be related to many other terrorist related plane crashes both before and after this one.
1 views todayfire Jan 2nd 2014 3:12 am Mc Adoo here 861372 was not heater
1 views todaybio testing tunnel and crematory using children for testing due to body weight approx. 800 deaths a day, 41 22 25 north 129 05 55 east 2
1 views today8:17 6/3/14 left ear cut off, eyes removed from eye sockets Miley Cyrus Hope?? murdered by man that keeps calling
1 views todaybus he city 3 deaths 2:47 pm Jan 7th 2014 37662 dont go usa rainbow mat heater?
1 views today2-4 deleham police tuft
1 views todayPablo Rulz painting 52 05 29 north 2101 11 .8 east
1 views todayclay
1 views todaywhen your father calls, he has something important to tell you, its a lie!
1 views todayChile earthquake
1 views todayt e
1 views todaytank explodes 17 days after leak M 96 trees Michigan
1 views todaynot sure
1 views todayi c Jackson TN 65 - 13 -9
1 views todayJanuary 13th 2014 crash, they didn't find him, Martin Stevens. he will not be found without going to NYC, 2718 19th street in back of the restaurant
1 views todayMadeleine McCann returns to school, parents do not want to do interviews and deny book and TV offers
1 views today3 2 3 1 4 5 4 4
1 views today3:17 fire Oklahoma county 12 13
1 views todayJanuary 16th earthquake shocks usgs 'its a new discovery' 2:07 AM
1 views today35 4 north 97 1 west quake 27.6
1 views todaythe new windows logo, jk, not sure yet, working on this and 2 others
1 views todaymaybe chinese
1 views todayDuke of Edinburgh cancer spreads, dies 2013 Prince Phillip home
1 views todaywater on roof behind he?????? 394171 tank
1 views todayJesus is real brain watch 19 days 7 1 3 7 3 4 5 7 7 7 sister dog ? ec
1 views todayT.J. killer murders Hess Ave in sahinaw 43
1 views today362114 lies tears scHeinerman ????
1 views todaya face 1/11/14
1 views todaydog 1/11/14
1 views todaygarica box 1 2- 25 33 41 - 42 5154 lottery tommorow
1 views todayh612 day station? 7:14 am shs going to kill her baby peter michael
1 views todaylook for these numbers this week, brian, 2 6 3
1 views todaybury safe 942113 kitchen state of alabama ?? aug?? hc
1 views todayJanuary 17th fire started with wires then she added paper to the box .. killed them
1 views today 6 - 3 2 - 2 4 - 3 3 days
1 views todayKnoxville - man is hiding in woods end of fieldshire drive local 8:17 pm January 14th 2014
1 views todayIshisaki tsuanmi jan this year
1 views todayhe's going to call you Friday, talk about the trip and ask him why, he will tell you the truth
1 views todayJan 22nd police are looking for a white van, ladder has been removed. she is in here (on January 22nd, 2014 female child will be abducted by a person driving this van)
1 views todayMurdekha Jmmerfest eliezrben in yehuda in Netmya army surplus store denies socks from WWII are made from human hair, DNA test confirms he is??
1 views todaysame man released sarin gas during concert, police are looking for the wrong man, this is the man who shot them during Summerfest 2014 in Milwaukee, missing left eye
1 views todaypower generation using the difference of air pressure at specific altitudes
1 views todayNumbers for the following lotteries for the month of February 2014 : Power ball, MegaMilions, Euro Millions, Canada 6/49
1 views todayNumbers for the following lotteries for the month of February 2014: AUstralia OZ and Monday Lottery, El Gordo
1 views todayStock market picks for February 2014
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