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Top rated dreams - July 2017 dreams
Wolf Creek Generating Station Kansas City, The Day After, Russian joke kills 20,000 people, same August date and time, very sad and preventable event. 55555
(2 votes)
child killer 55555
(1 votes)
Evil yes right now JESUS is EVIL and let my sister die a child!55555
(1 votes)
red boat oJ Simpson killed after being released he did not know her and she was mistaken illness rx-355555
(1 votes)
Australia lottery numbers 7 17 14 27 7 17 patterns 7 August 201755555
(1 votes)
(1 votes)
More information on the murder of US Senator John McCain on October 27th, 2017.55555
(1 votes)
Missing painting second-floor New Jersey.55555
(1 votes)
breaking news, 442 NY bunch of numbers, helicopter, not sure whats happening here but it’s going to happen on July 17th of 2017 look at the sky, wow!!55555
(1 votes)
None of these events happened yet the date of Donald Trump's death is still the same the date of the plane crash that killed the Washington Times reporters in New York Times reporters it's still the same the plane crash that killed the Russian A55555
(1 votes)
(662) 246-8655 kc-130 Russia MP Fields experiment smoke in the sky love more about the EMP test that Russia doesn't know about (see November 2016 dds) 55555
(1 votes)
August of 2017 Canadian Lottery 55555
(1 votes)
Vladimir Kara-Murza was given the same Russian 'vet drug' Otto Warmbier was given in camp 22 (this vet drug shows up allot in my dreams.55555
(1 votes)
Dream number 8959 8 July 2017 1 by Brian Ladd55555
(1 votes)
This is the person who took cell phone video of Wolf Creek nuclear -power plant scram that killed 20,000 people, the same man who filmed Vostochnaya Powerstaion explosion and it's the same man who films the California LAWP Powerstaion explosions, st55555
(1 votes)
Upcoming plane crash, how and why...sort of.44444
(1 votes)
breaking news. 44444
(1 votes)
A Russian surveillance submarine off the coast of the USA surfaces due to an emergency,, this is the same sub that records and keeps track of its agents and people working with its agents, including Trumps and associates...note the 10-mile long wire.44444
(1 votes)
Klaus Eberwein16th 2016 letter explained why, works at Miami bar, Russian mafia, tattoo, phone numbers censored.33333
(1 votes)
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