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psychic prediction 6952 31 january 2016 2 laddA hydro Terminal Explosion showers a area of 1 square kilometer with diamonds.
psychic prediction 6951 31 january 2016 1 laddthis persons eyes are important, he is the school shooter this month and his actions will change history in the US.
psychic prediction 6950 30 january 2016 1 ladd17 more days
psychic prediction 6949 29 january 2016 3 ladd2/19/16 DPRK fr 192201 stage 3 radioactiove
psychic prediction 6948 29 january 2016 2 laddTrump Tower fire, and this time is has noting to do with terrorism, just money (but that's not what will be the initial finding will be)
psychic prediction 6947 29 january 2016 1 laddthis is a fake satellite with a 'dirty bomb' inside, 2 dpr dety bimo
psychic prediction 6946 28 january 2016 3 laddlottery numbers, 48 14 19 5 33 46 22 , the other numbers are the pattern maxtix.
psychic prediction 6945 28 january 2016 2 laddno fishing, same that as dec 2015, North Korea fishing boats and actually testing a new bio weapon, and the South Korea Navy finds not only a 'poison ship' but a highly radioactive box in the ??
psychic prediction 6944 28 january 2016 1 laddSunday fire February 14th 216??
psychic prediction 6943 27 january 2016 6 laddDPRK rocket misses Hiroshima by over 400 kilometers, HC 111 2776 devise is fake (more on the 'dirty bombs' in space and in the water that will eventually cause the death of thousands in Japan later this year)
psychic prediction 6942 27 january 2016 5 laddDPRK dirty bomb satellite (other bad things)
psychic prediction 6941 27 january 2016 4 laddPratas Islands, February 16th 2016
psychic prediction 6940 27 january 2016 3 laddMarch 7 fire in sky is real but no ???
psychic prediction 6939 27 january 2016 2 laddDPRK boat is 'highly radioactive' GER
psychic prediction 6938 27 january 2016 1 laddMarch 4th 2016 506 553 371127 plane Olivia ?
psychic prediction 6937 26 january 2016 1 ladd613777607 school shooting is the 'last straw' related to another dd from this month
psychic prediction 6936 25 january 2016 1 laddLottery numbers for next month
psychic prediction 6935 24 january 2016 2 laddthis is a double scan
psychic prediction 6934 24 january 2016 1 laddLottery numbers for next month
psychic prediction 6933 23 january 2016 2 laddCuba assassination attempt to kill John Kerry fails in L a OS John Kerry visited Laos kills people 76311621 7117 (Russian Related)
psychic prediction 6932 23 january 2016 1 laddIreland Lottery
psychic prediction 6931 22 january 2016 4 laddcan you see it?
psychic prediction 6930 22 january 2016 3 ladd
psychic prediction 6929 22 january 2016 2 laddthis is a man who is involved in a car crash in 3 days in either Washington State or Washington DC who will burn 'everyone' on July 5th 2016
psychic prediction 6928 22 january 2016 1 laddI'm not totally sure, but I think this is about actress Rosie O'Donnell and a 'fake' journal who put's her into a coma which she will never recover from...very sad.
psychic prediction 6927 21 january 2016 5 laddHS63769 HL I love New York 815 Islam school for a zero day events this is the ringleader of the zero day events in the United States is only 15
psychic prediction 6926 21 january 2016 4 laddIslamic state warrants DHS of pending 2016 attacks based on the German film Chicago be 000679MSHUS44627 arrested for shoplifting CCTV
psychic prediction 6925 21 january 2016 3 laddZero day USA followers based in the US have recruited high school students to carry out zero day attacks films used as red hearing warning
psychic prediction 6924 21 january 2016 2 laddFilms used as read hearing zero Day USA followers based in the US
psychic prediction 6923 21 january 2016 1 laddHUS 44G270 heart of America duck! Zero Day welcome
psychic prediction 6922 20 january 2016 6 laddTACH DDUG CATREL 2 (555) 924-7751 ? (559) 924-7751 California, this is the man in the red truck.
psychic prediction 6921 20 january 2016 5 laddThis is the man who shot at Donald Trump (edited and remember, this is a dream sketch)
psychic prediction 6920 20 january 2016 4 laddCoalinga State Hospital siege, executions and explosions, terrorist act and he is the leader.
psychic prediction 6919 20 january 2016 3 ladd2016 Hotel Hostage Crises, location, time and dates (censored)
psychic prediction 6918 20 january 2016 2 laddExact location of a 'massive' meth lab in Memphis Tennessee
psychic prediction 6917 20 january 2016 1 laddHate Church, Westboro Baptist Church, burns to the ground, 2 family members die, the fire will be set by this Jewish man, and will happen 66 days after the 'broken glass' is discovered.
psychic prediction 6916 19 january 2016 1 laddbugs are under my skin
psychic prediction 6915 18 january 2016 4 ladda fire on 2/1/2016 at a bono? (wiki first return is Paul David Hewso but I do not think so)
psychic prediction 6914 18 january 2016 3 laddMore on Russia's puppet, DPRK
psychic prediction 6913 18 january 2016 2 laddbad things.
psychic prediction 6912 18 january 2016 1 laddLocation of a person (if that's what you want to call it) that's not suppose to be alive.
psychic prediction 6911 17 january 2016 1 laddlottery and I'm sorry again, not sure which one and numbers are not legible.
psychic prediction 6904 15 january 2016 2 laddA Nazi Camp Leader who made people die with this devise is proven to be alive and to be lining in Israel, he always wears a Ret Hat (I think)
psychic prediction 6903 15 january 2016 1 laddSwarms of small earthquakes surround Mount Saint Helen's in Washington State (USA)...this happens next week (I think)
psychic prediction 6910 16 january 2016 6 laddAuschwitz Gold, I got no strings on me, this is not for me, but someone very special and he knows who he is, very sad dream D.
psychic prediction 6909 16 january 2016 5 laddlook close, 12 tribes mass suicide Christopher Bollyn
psychic prediction 6908 16 january 2016 4 laddIsrael assassination attempt on February 8th 2016 fails, 19850131127 BENAI BERITH (could be B'nai B'rith)
psychic prediction 6907 16 january 2016 3 laddkillers in mera prang 10 March 2016 over 700 die, baca, Doctor Husain Gulab, phone 091-6540116, Fazal Ur Rahim Mawart.
psychic prediction 6906 16 january 2016 2 laddalmost (sad dream)
psychic prediction 6905 16 january 2016 1 ladd9781848669185, the reason for several assassination attempt failures, the successful one and what will be next for the world.
psychic prediction 6902 14 january 2016 3 ladda 16 digit grid coordinates of the 'black box' which is orange! of a plane crash to happen on Monday January 25th(real date and may no be local time)
psychic prediction 6901 14 january 2016 2 ladd52 55 5250 5373 Deal with USA DEA and Cartel, Polanco, Mexico City 'bio weapon' kills 21,611 people - ground zero on 1:1? am, carter luminuson.
psychic prediction 6900 14 january 2016 1 laddI do not know why, or how, but placing 8 stones in the bottom of your oven (as shown) will make your life healthier, happier and longer. A study in 2021 will show that this is true...so why weight. Stones need to weight less than 4 pounds each.
psychic prediction 6899 13 january 2016 2 ladd​Location of the fire it's gonna take place on January 24 Sunday
psychic prediction 6898 13 january 2016 1 laddA bad thing to happen next week in Saint Louis at this exact address.
psychic prediction 6897 12 january 2016 2 ladd​Bullet train derailment on March 12, 2016 train from Japan from Lake Asher to mount Fuji is terrorist related use the same derailer in about 20 other dreams.
psychic prediction 6896 12 january 2016 1 ladd​31400202 weight loss due to meth addiction 202-691-4000 Kim Jong Un look alike double also killed by Cameroon not USA family killed leader over (not much change in 3 years of dd's on this topic)
psychic prediction 6870 7 january 2016 1 ladd~0should've wrote this down when I first woke up this morning this is one single dream an astroid hits the notion and creates a giant wave about 30 minutes after the impact them running running with my family toward something a big Walmart climbing up and climbing up and we're getting scared of heights and stuff like that I fall on them the next thing the impact crates of pressure waves and I could see it coming toward me I don't know how that's possible and it's black and brown and everything and I take cover laydown and I keep waiting for that
For the impact and yet it never happens basically I was waiting for death this time it didn't happen usually in death auto like a really wonderful warm feeling I never got it I just woke up pretty scary though
psychic prediction 6884 11 january 2016 3 ladd​Massive light show unexpected rains down platinum over America and Europe large deposit located in OR OU BAL a X south Dakota
psychic prediction 6883 11 january 2016 2 ladd​1637241216932222 Westinghouse three men direct ties to
Three-man direct ties to Russian suitcase nukes atomic pile
psychic prediction 6882 11 january 2016 1 laddUK Man voues he will give 50% of his lottery winnings to children's charity and has given up on demo
psychic prediction 6869 6 january 2016 3 laddA real life Close Encounters of The Third kind, thousands of people are going to have this dream, go to Phu Chi Fa (real place) on August 16 2016 at 16:10 local time and meet ET
psychic prediction 6868 6 january 2016 2 ladd(request) Power ball numbers for Saturday January 9th 2016
psychic prediction 6867 6 january 2016 1 laddBlue Angels accident this year (USAF)
psychic prediction 6881 10 january 2016 5 laddNASA, Public Version Censored (sign in to see full dd)
psychic prediction 6880 10 january 2016 4 laddNASA, Public Version Censored (sign in to see full dd)
psychic prediction 6879 10 january 2016 3 laddNASA, Public Version Censored (sign in to see full dd)
psychic prediction 6878 10 january 2016 2 laddNASA, Public Version Censored (sign in to see full dd)
psychic prediction 6877 10 january 2016 1 laddNASA, Public Version Censored (sign in to see full dd)
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