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Most viewed dreams this hour - 2016 DREAM JOURNAL
My Sister Christine Ladd died please help save the live of a cat or dog today3 viewsChristine Ladd, I will always love you, your brother Brian.
psychic prediction 7335 30 june 2016 3 ladd3 views1741 manatee 447 1137 Cuba Beach 206
Hurrican Matthew Port Saint Lucie Florida October 6th 2016 Psychic Brian Ladd home before3 viewsOctober 6th, 2016, 3:30 PM EST

Hurricane Matthew

My wife, my cat and myself are going inland to a safer place...hopefully. This is a picture of my house 3 hours ago, and hopefully, it will still be there after the storm. My kids went to their grandparent's house yesterday, all four of the. I told them there is a change that everything we own (psychically) might not be there tomorrow. I realize that it's just stuff, but we already went through the process of losing our home and possessions once due to my mental condition. I don't know how much bad news in a year I can take :(
psychic prediction 7056 20 march 2016 1 ladd1 viewsHero, DPRK fishing boat, mounts removed, April 2016

This is one of six dd's from last night about the upcoming North Korean's fishing boats and submarine deaths and how the event relates to the distruction to several undersea Internet cables.
Finally North Korea succeeds in cutting the Russian to Japan connection and the Seoul 'main ineter hub' The fisherman responsible is make a 'secret' hero in the DPRK, but it was China that provided the new 'hi tech' salvage equipment that mafe it possible.
DD's from 2014 and 2015 have more specifics on this up coming event, including dates, times, names, and dozens on numbers that I'm not sure about yet.
psychic prediction 7063 22 march 2016 1 ladd1 viewsRC look at his eyes the Pupils the headaches she is slowly poisoning him
dream review for 28-29 March 20161 viewsdream review for 28-29 March 2016
psychic prediction 7400 14 july 2016 1 ladd1 viewsMegaMillions Lottery (for August 2016)
Psychic prediction 7712 1 October 2016 10 by Brian Ladd1 views1845307 fake attention ?? leads to three fatalities, 10 - 21 - 1981 to 10 -21 - 207 Nole's attempt to cover up affair and money laundering kills her on her birthday party 2017 Kriss Jenner fatal car accident was same Mexico drug cartel members
Hurricane Matthew1 viewsSeems Hurricane Matthew is coming for a visit, will take some pictures and video (before and after) FYI, I'm in Port Saint Lucie...it if it gets too close we are going to find a place to stay inland. I've always been interested and impressed by weather, so I will document as much as I can safely.
psychic prediction 7570 30 august 2016 6 ladd1 viewsMore on the upcoming magnitude 9.2 and 8.9 quakes in Los Angeles and San Francisco is the earthquake this year psychic prediction
Psychic prediction 7865 8 November 2016 4 by Brian Ladd1 views
Psychic prediction 7905 20 November 2016 4 by Brian Ladd1 viewsIS NOT A JOKE You know what, we? get into an accident because you distract me!!! road rage isis flag
Psychic prediction 7961 4 December 2016 5 by Brian Ladd1 viewscancer lottery, you finally won, drole teea
Psychic prediction 7971 7 December 2016 4 by Brian Ladd1 viewsAn earthquake near Bougainville Island on Sunday the 11th of December 2016 directly related to the (2) California earthquakes next year, not sure how or why as the distance is very...very far away. other details on dd