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Most viewed dreams - 2016 DREAM JOURNAL
8 Mar 2016 2 Approximately 36 Hours Before Any Earthquake Pressures, Heat and Other Factors Increase Dramatically Before All Natural Major Earthquake. Using This Device, We Can Determine the Exact Date and Time of Any Pending Earthquake with Almost 1002 views today
17 Apr 2016 7 An Awful School Bus Accident Caused by a Night of Heavy Drinking2 views today
25 Nov 2016 2 This Is About Donald Trump 2 views today
27 Apr 2016 11 views today
2 Jul 2016 1 Just Iphone Stuff, Mostly Family Related (Not for Site)1 views today
3 Jul 2016 1 Run of 89 East Boundary 0001 views today
7 Jul 2016 11 14 Jul 2016 Nice Terrorist attack France Psychic Predition Brian Ladd He Buried Over 10 Pounds of Solid Gold1 views today
1 Jun 2016 4 Red Flag Lloyd1 views today
30 May 2016 2 Plane Crash on Monday Jul 25 2016, Numbers and More Details1 views today
11 Jun 2016 2 I Love Nyc 30th Jul 20161 views today
10 Jul 2016 4 5129314018 1226 Flatbush1 views today
Alfred Hitchcock Using Actual Torture Chair From Auschwitz Concentration Camp This One Killed an 11 Year Old Boy with a Hammer attched to This Pipe See Video on This One1 views today
Img 0593 Don't Think, 7389 10 Jul 2016 4 Ladd Video1 views today
11 Jul 2016 2 ?? Psychic Killed Hbo Asia, Over Dream Ifa-media1 views today
11 Jul 2016 3 Do Not Look Family, Thats All I Want to Say1 views today
12 Jul 2016 1 This Is, or Will Be the Most Popular Face During the Month of Aug 20161 views today
12 Jul 2016 2 10 U Ship the Balx 23 25 33 37 371 views today
12 Jul 2016 3 Smoke 7 30 16 Rt1 views today
Is the Exact Location of Argentinas Missing Submarine Ara San Juan Brian Ladd Psychic Dreamer Thunder, 7 Uk Aug 2016? 1 1 4 31 12 2 121 views today
13 Jul 2016 2 Monday Jul 25 Fire, Chemicals Are Gone (Upcoming Terrorist Chem. attack, Usa)1 views today
13 Jul 2016 3 Alex Johns Ich Bin Deutsch 5 Scheiss Auslã¤nder 4424 No Strings Mengele (No Strings on Me Has Been in My Dd's Before)1 views today
13 Jul 2016 4 No Strings on Me Alex Jones Mengele1 views today
14 Jul 2016 1 6lol 15 40 49 1 20 18 281 views today
2 Aug 2016 2 Megamillions Lottery (for Aug 2016)1 views today
15 Jul 2016 2 All Must See Brain, Jesus Is Telling You to Save Them Jesus Is Trying to Tell Franã§ois Hollandetell1 views today
16 Jul 2016 1 This Is the Man Who Will Be Arrested for Being Paid to Assassinate Donald Trump, This Is Not the Man Who Successfully Complete His Mission, Both Involved the Tor Network (Censored)1 views today
17 Jul 2016 1 Death Will Result for Those Who Do Not Stand by They Lord ?? 011-39-06-698-830141 views today
17 Jul 2016 2 Ansbach and No Idea1 views today
17 Jul 2016 3 T? Ufo? Peter Davinport Murdered on Dec 25 of 2016 for Telling the Truth\1 views today
17 Jul 2016 4 Space Junk Kills Ufo Hero (See 2012 Dds for This, Very Scary and Millions Killed)1 views today
20 Jul 2016 1 Same Thing, Ufo Hero Killed, This Is About Peter Davenport (Sp) for Sure, Link Http://www.nuforc.org/pdbio.html1 views today
19 Jul 2016 1 Lottery Numbers, Aug 20161 views today
18 Jul 2016 3 This Is the Killer, Event to Take Place Aug 20161 views today
18 Jul 2016 2 Goat Island 1 Billion an Acre (Not Sure Yet)1 views today
18 Jul 2016 1 A Gold Earthquake...really! (This Is From a 2014 Dd) Ok, I Removed a Few Things From This Dd Because of a Promise, Gold Was Found in This Area and in 10 Days I Will Basically Uncensored This Dd. Brian1 views today
20 Jul 2016 2 Peter Davinport Death, Korean Letters, Phone (801) 534-08191 views today
3 Aug 2016 3 Birthday Lottery 1 2 3 4 5 6 She Will Look in the W ?1 views today
20 Jul 2016 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 Euromillions 11 Days, H Boxes1 views today
20 Jul 2016 4 Euro Auto Sales of German Euromillions 1 1 -3 2 4 11 33 Esso 35 501 views today
20 Jul 2016 5 Fire Monday Aug 1st 2016 120vac (311) 112 1126 Can Smell the Burning Wire1 views today
21 Jul 2016 1 Box 21 1 2 3 4 5 6 26 40 Euromillions 2 and 41 views today
21 Jul 2016 2 Uk Terrorist attack, the Tunnel Was Used (Censored) Killer1 views today
21 Jul 2016 3 Madeleine Mccann Bones Found on Beach Paria Da Luz, Family Arrested (Nothing New) Ufo Leader Dies in Accident1 views today
Dream Review Jul 20th to Jul 21st 2016 Lottery 2321333425 Stock Cdti (Real) Buy at 1,97 Sell at 1,720.00 (Don't Think It Can Happen? See My Priceline Dd From Jan 2016)1 views today
22 Jul 2016 1 Jul 20th - Jul 21st 2016 Dream Review Video by Brian Ladd1 views today
22 Jul 2016 2 Why Did I Waste Most of My Life Fearing Death and Human Created Superstition, at the End of Your Bodies Life, Just as Death Approaches, a Feeling of Undesirable Joy Comes Over You and Tears of Joy Fall Into the Fountain of Youth.1 views today
22 Jul 2016 3 A Car on Fire Is Related to the Upcoming Uk Terrorist attack?1 views today
Jul 2016 Euromillions Prediction 7417 20 Jul 2016 5 Weather Bug Camera Diana Alvares Missing, Altamonte Springs Motel1 views today
23 Jul 2016 2 Not Sure1 views today
23 Jul 2016 1 Walmart? New School New Hampture 800 17 There 852-33241 views today
2 Aug 2016 3 Penn Hostages Killed Over 8000 - Calls, Pen Credit1 views today
31 Jul 2016 1 List of Past Plane Crashes That Were Caused by Russia...i Think1 views today
1 Aug 2016 2 Brain, This Is the Death Symbol Cayce (No Comment Right Now, Need to Talk to Someone)1 views today
14 Aug 2016 2 West Virginia Gold Flakes and Nuggets, Again to Save Time, I Research This Dd and Here Is the Exact Location1 views today
14 Aug 2016 1 Nasa Denies Secret Billion Dollar Project Is Not to Deflect 12-mile Wide Asteroid Detected in the Southern Sky Due It Impacts Earth on Dec 25th, 2016 (See 2014's Dds) Also, Dec 25th, 2017 Is Not the End of the World, Just1 views today
15 Aug 2016 3 God Did This1 views today
19 Aug 2016 2 No Clue1 views today
19 Aug 2016 5 Linda Sanders Killed in Riot1 views today
19 Aug 2016 1 412 Derailed, Bryon Nelson, Breaks Apart After Impact, Train Derailer Device 12 Trains Derailed Now by the Same Man (Ongoing Dream Since Last Year, Simple Cheap Metal Device That Is Placed on Train Track, It's Molded 'cheap1 views today
19 Aug 2016 4 This Is Important and Involves the Upcoming Us Political Assassination attempts, the Man I Drew Several Times During the Past Few Weeks Is Using an Xm 15 Rifle and a Laser Temperature Gun by Flip Which Is Sold at Home Depot. the Temperat1 views today
19 Aug 2016 3 I 'heart' Sderot - 2 Men Wearing This T-shirt Are a Part of the School Hostage Shooting (the Rest Is Censored by Me)1 views today
Img 1263 Upcomming Christian Science Monitor Events, Dates, Time and I Think the Last Number Is a Location.1 views today
20 Aug 2016 2 Next Week Will Mark the 13th Train Derailment in the Usa Targeting Trains Carrying Dangerous Cargo, the Same Man Is Responsible and the Same 'break Apart' Derailer Is Being Used. Again for Like the 5th Time, These Terrorist att1 views today
20 Aug 2016 3 This Is a Young Man That Works with the Us Government's Nsa 'black Room' (if It Really Exists) Agency, He Has Been Spying for the Dprk's Bureau 21 for Years, and I'm Pretty Sure the Nsa Is Allowing This to Happen1 views today
20 Aug 2016 4 This Is a Lottery Winner for Sept 2016, for Some Reason, Her Husband Is Not There, Name Censored but the Winning Number Will Not Be This Time,1 views today
21 Aug 2016 4 It's in the Water, if You Drink It Your Children Will Be Blind.1 views today
21 Aug 2016 3 More on Next Weeks Earthquakes1 views today
21 Aug 2016 2 Stock Gthp Buy at .0002 Sell at 224.1 All-time Hight on Sept 20171 views today
21 Aug 2016 1 Powerball and Megamillions Lottery Numbers for Aug 24 to Sept 5th, 2016, Same Numbers? 3 6 11342713 1 21 views today
15 Aug 2016 1 Brain, Aug 15th, 2016 Dream Saved Her Life, Canada Library1 views today
22 Aug 2016 2 Auburn Gresham Police Shooting, Killer Lives at *** South Bishop Street Chicago, Did Not Start the Fire. Basically a New Version of the Great Chicago Fire, but This Time I Have the Names and Address of the People Who Will Be Responsible1 views today
22 Aug 2016 4 No Overload Fire Is the Terrorist attack, the Same Area Where 911 Man Trained to Fly, 305 471 0103, Easy Land1 views today
22 Aug 2016 5 If You Don't Tell Him, He Will Die1 views today
22 Aug 2016 6 White Trucks, Altec, Truck Flp with ? Miami Springs High School, Train1 views today
28 Aug 2016 2 Earthquake 66137221 66131 Indo Java From the Moon's Pull on the 18th and 19th of Aug, (This Is Almost an Exact Copy of Aug 12th Dream, Dd Also Seems to Confirm...for the 11th Time, the Magantutide 8.9 Sf and 9.2 La Quakes Nex1 views today
23 Aug 2016 2 Not Too Late , 3:36 Gods Final Warning 39085 Trust the Dream1 views today
23 Aug 2016 3 Cover Up, Meth Cooking Catches Fire, Brian, Mcdonogh Village R1311 views today
23 Aug 2016 4 It Happened Again, Saturday the 27th Day of Aug 2016 61312 God's Calls1 views today
16 Mar 2018 2 Jesus Is Not Dead, God Loves You 7654534626 Kevin Smith Tears (Censored) ?? Cross the Road Now, Trust1 views today
24 Aug 2016 2 Board Mountain 66137611 Board House Red1 views today
24 Aug 2016 3 Love1 views today
24 Aug 2016 4 Drug Paper Bag Love Gun in the Water Eggleston Ave Chicago1 views today
25 Aug 2016 1 Board Loves God 77387435101 views today
25 Aug 2016 3 Saguiaran, New ? Serafin Barretto Phone 632 927-6383 Serafin Barretto Sultan Fahad Salic Family Burned Alive on Internet Gore Site1 views today
27 Aug 2016 1 Next Month and I Do Not Want to Talk About It1 views today
27 Aug 2016 2 Ser Fire Sept 2 ??1 views today
28 Aug 2016 1 Wmmo 727709 N Ot What They Think Bathroom Lat Term Ne 8 R Weke1 views today
Lax 7556 27 Aug 2016 21 views today
2016 Central Italy Earthquake Prestage Farm I West Point Mississippi ( a Real Place) Is Disposing of 'missing Persons' Using Hogs. Up to 20% of the Pig's Protein Comes From People Executed by the Mexican Cartels and the Pork Products Are B1 views today
29 Aug 2016 1 The Best of Me1 views today
29 Aug 2016 2 The Death of Janet Jackson (Censored)1 views today
29 Aug 2016 3 Upcoming Terrorist attack This Monday the 5h of Sept 2016, More Numbers and Censored.1 views today
29 Aug 2016 4 Google Ceo Denies Name Was Inspired by a 1980's Wham Song. After Georges Death1 views today
29 Aug 2016 5 More on the 8.9 and 9.2 California Quakes, However, 37 Days From Today Is Still 4 Days Off, Please Give Me Some Time to Get and Exact Date, Time Seems to Be Confirmed Also an Earthquake of 7.1 in Ireland in 2 Days Seems Sort of Unlikely1 views today
30 Aug 2016 6 Paul Gilster Auto Accident Was Caused by Red Ford Suv (Censored) Mystery Calls Are From the Killer ??1 views today
19 Sept 2016 3 Jennifer Roberts Nc and Family Killedm Ex-felon Admits Paid Dark Web Contracts, North Carolina Governor Murder, 10 People Killed for Ego and Hate (Censored)1 views today
19 Sept 2016 41 views today
19 Sept 2016 4 This Is Their Cell Leaders Only Address, Others Do Not Live Ib Seattle, Upcoming Cruise Ship Terrorist attacked, Food Is Not the Real Concern...please Trust Me on This. Cruise Lines Ceo Is Being Held Hostage via the Internet, Do Not T1 views today
20 Sept 2016 2 Cloudflare Admits in Illegally Selling 2,500 Accounts to the Usa Nsa, 1.1 Billion Awarded to 2,500 Accounts1 views today
3 Sept 2016 1 This Is the Same Dream as Last Week About the School Bus and the Sun Harvest Church in Texas, This Is the Man and His Son Did the Crime Not Sure About the Rest.1 views today
21 Sept 2016 1 Eminem Arrest Is Related to Kim Matthers Fatal Car Crash and Sisters Poisoning, Dec 22nd 2016. Hotel, Red Toyota (Censored) Dawn Scott1 views today
21 Sept 2016 2 Chuckie Cheese Shooting Stopped by Police at a Gauges Lake1 views today
21 Sept 2016 3 Eagle Something Chicago Trees Are Falling 9-27-16 14622 113221 views today
22 Sept 2016 2 The United States Holocaust Museum Arrests Shut Down and It's Operators Linked to Crime and Family Members Linked to Past Wwii Camp atrocities (Censored)1 views today
5 Dead in Shooting at Burlington Washington Psychic Prediction Dream From Sept 21st 2016 2nd Assassination attempt of Presidential Candidate Donal Trump by the Same Man. the Reason Why This Man Knows the 'alternate' Locations Is Because of1 views today
22 Sept 2016 1 No Comments (and I Protest About That)1 views today
23 Sept 2016 1 No Comments (and I Protest About That)1 views today
23 Sept 2016 2 God Dog1 views today
23 Sept 2016 3 God Dog1 views today
23 Sept 2016 4 (702) 331-7544 97 Deaths in Nevada. This Is a Hate Dream and Unwelcome1 views today
Ctjycg4wiaastkp Mob Kills Ellis Stafford 62130112 6b1 views today
25 Sept 2016 1 Realm of Texas Tomball Trump Paid Kkk in Texas to Kill Blacks1 views today
2 Wounded Man Held After Las Vegas Mccarran Airport Shooting 7670 18 Sept 2016 1 1 Miracle Cures - Dipping Sauce That Jesus Used, Heal Yourself Using the Jesus Cookbook of Life by Brian Ladd This Is Something I Have Wanted to Share with You for a Ve1 views today
17 Sept 2016 5 Madeleine Mccann Case, This Again Is the Exact Area That's Not Ben Searched Yet. Please Start at Point a and Using a Metal Detector Set to Gold, Follow the Line to Point B. You're Looking for a Gold Ring, Some Sort of Pill1 views today
25 Sept 2016 2 Cctv Clearly Shows Mohmand **** Buying Ghost Busters Usb Drive - Eraser's, $1 Clearance, New Gel C4 (Upcomming America and Delta Airline's Explosions Were Caused by This Simple Kids Usb Computer Drive in the Shape of a Ghost1 views today
25 Sept 2016 3 Isis 'pot' Grow House Explosion in 3 Days. Mayor Blasio Killed Dec 25th in the Unrelated Matter (Yes It Will Be Related, as This Mayor Has Been a Part of Isis for 10 Years!, Sorry Dd From 2007 I Still Remember)1 views today
25 Sept 2016 4 Single Event Bans Handguns in the Usa Fredis, Trump Killed by Same Caliber Weapon. (Censored and Very Sad)1 views today
25 Sept 2016 5 Mayor Mark Lewis Was Replaced by This Man, Mayor Bill Wells, Yet He Is Still a Card-carrying Member of the San Diego Kkk (Upcoming Kkk Murder, I Think)1 views today
26 Sept 2016 1 The 'poof Is Censored' Basically the Mayor of San Diego and the Governor of California 'quit' When Proof of Kkk Membership Is Posted Online Along with the Dozens of Racist Cartoons.1 views today
26 Sept 2016 2 Georgia Lidr No Way Humans Will Live Here in the Next 1,000 Years 865632210 (Same as 2012 Dreams, Nuclear Power Plant Causes the Death of 5,235 People and Approx. 1.7 Million of Unpeople, La and Georgia Usa)1 views today