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Psychic prediction 7938 30 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd~00 views2256852369 lies, 44112 terrorist fails to obtain chemical weapons from FBI undercover rig blows saint Gabriel
Psychic prediction 7937 30 November 2016 1 by Brian Ladd~01 viewsSatanic Temple of Seattle joke burns the wrong home and 4 children die, 1761 Ti T
Psychic prediction 7936 29 November 2016 4 by Brian Ladd0 viewsThis is about psychic Colin Fry who died ( the real person) there is something wrong with how he died if it's even true he did. Something he was supposed to do did not, happen...there is a solid oak box that he was supposed to give to someone. The address of the box is in the DD, and if the person he left this for read this, they will know what I'm talking about.
Psychic prediction 7935 29 November 2016 3 by Brian Ladd0 viewsDanielle Egnew sees her own death in a dream. this is not her death, but her friends from the east?
Psychic prediction 7934 29 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd0 viewsJimmy Wales death is related to arrest and 'mob connection' Wikipedia (pretty sure this is Mr. Wales, Wikipedia founder)
Psychic prediction 7933 29 November 2016 1 by Brian Ladd0 viewsKoreatown LA evacuation is too late, numbers
Psychic prediction 7932 28 November 2016 3 by Brian Ladd0 viewssao paulo long candles god is here
Psychic prediction 7931 28 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd0 viewsno idea
Psychic prediction 7930 28 November 2016 1 by Brian Ladd0 viewsDemerson 44 133 444 Jesus saved hm? go there, March 16th, 1986 - March 17th, 2083 you were saved? 44 Copa Sudamericana (same dream as last week)
Psychic prediction 7929 27 November 2016 5 by Brian Ladd0 views904 771-2568 Fight turns into murder and arson, not accident Jackson Cook , round bathtub, burned carpet, look under the trailer here
Psychic prediction 7928 27 November 2016 4 by Brian Ladd0 viewsDynamic Airlines crash in 2017 (there is no Dynamic Airlines, just a Dynamic Airways)
Psychic prediction 7927 27 November 2016 3 by Brian Ladd0 viewsDonald Trump did not tell Jennifer Roberts, FBI warning (so this event can easily be avoided)
Psychic prediction 7926 27 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd0 views? 704 326-1936. Police shooting, Kerby am I next, Trumps surprise visit to charlotte fails, Saturday 3rd day December 201, not sure, mclean, (the address of the person who shot the police officer
Psychic prediction 7925 27 November 2016 1 by Brian Ladd0 views
Psychic prediction 7922 26 November 2016 1 by Brian Ladd0 viewsnot sure
Psychic prediction 7923 26 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd1 viewsQU 18 14 26 57 36
Psychic prediction 7924 26 November 2016 3 by Brian Ladd0 viewsanother nightmare from space
Psychic prediction 7918 25 November 2016 1 by Brian Ladd0 viewsSkinhead hero fooled the world? test run failed horujko
Psychic prediction 7919 25 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd0 viewsThis is about Donald Trump
Psychic prediction 7920 25 November 2016 3 by Brian Ladd0 viewsAmerican Airline flight 17 crashes just 67 days after maiden flight alt 37510 feet cia not fbi DPRK terrorist, toothpaste (same dd again)
Psychic prediction 7921 25 November 2016 4 by Brian Ladd0 viewsyou know (not sure about the rest)
Psychic prediction 7913 24 November 2016 1 by Brian Ladd0 viewsA white pride group from North Carolina are the ones who are producing the Nitroglycerin toothpaste that will be used for the next (2) airline disasters. (excluding the one this week) The group is leaving clues behind at Walmart stores hoping authorities will connect the dots to the hate group, The New Blank Panthers. (nothing new really here either)
Psychic prediction 7914 24 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd0 viewsbest gore video how to slaughter the disbelievers (and I'm certain this is the one, (search yourself on this one, VERY graphic and suitable for no one, click on the puppy, trust me
Psychic prediction 7915 24 November 2016 3 by Brian Ladd0 viewsLas Vegas Casinos slot machine numbers for the month of January 2016, a machine's serial numbers are...
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